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Hard Times for Birds


The depth of snow on the railing shows that this snowfall is only beginning. A couple of hours later, it is already about three inches deep and the flakes are still coming down. It doesn’t take long for the ground to be covered, and much of the usual food supply for birds to be hidden from sight and suddenly unavailable to them.


Every surface, coated white

Food for birds is out of sight.

Feeders overflow with seeds,

But be careful, hawks have needs.

All the creatures need to eat

Just don’t offer songbird meat.










“Hey! Who put that white stuff on my back?”


Author: wordsfromanneli

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33 thoughts on “Hard Times for Birds

  1. Hmmm…looks just like over here in Richmond. Lots of snow coming down right now.
    It looks quite beautiful!

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  2. We are getting about an inch an hour tonight too. The snowblower will get a workout in the morning and I’ll have to put a lot of extra sunflower seeds out for the birds again tomorrow!

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  3. Beautiful pictures!

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  4. Such a beautiful post! Loved reading it 🙂

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    • Thanks, Jill. Snow is deceivingly pretty. I try not to think of the animals who are having a hard time because of it, and I do my bit by putting out bird seed. The blanket of white covers all the weeds in my garden so that looks nice too.

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  5. Beautiful pictures! Emma looks so funny. Isn´t she old enough to know the snowflakes? Snow is lovely to look at and for kids to play in it. But I could do without it.

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    • I know exactly what you mean! I feel the same way. Today I’m glad I don’t have to drive anywhere. The roads will be pretty good but our driveway goes uphill and is in the shade so the snow packs down and it stays. Hard to get out with the car. But that’s why we have a truck.


  6. Here,, without snow and (nightly) freeze only once in a while, the birdies are not really suffering, but we keep feeding them as we do all through the year.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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  7. The birds are lucky to have you! I’ll hope the raptors stay away from your birds. You said it quite well in your poem. Our blizzard is supposed to hit tonight. No plans for tomorrow. 🙂

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  8. I just sent you an email and mentioned the snow we’re getting. Looks like you’re getting it too. Stay safe and warm.

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  9. It’s a pretty time of year but a tough time as well. Nice shots!

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  10. A subdivision developer bought a big plot of land a couple of miles from our house recently and went in and absolutely razed down every single tree! It looks terrible. But what happened was all the squirrels, birds, etc. lost their home. The neighbors nearby said they had a large increase in rodents, etc. because all the animals were looking for places to stay now and were picking out people’s attics.

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    • I hate it when that happens. We had the same thing happen in our area. Now all the people who live on these naked lots come here on their doggie poop walk because it’s so pretty with all the trees that we (our neighbourhood) didn’t cut. I feel sorry for all the little animals that have to look for new homes.


  11. Snow looks beautiful, but I guess it does make things tough for the birds. It’s true about the feeders. I guess homeowners have to try to make sure they’re not inadvertently serving up smaller birds for the larger ones.

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  12. I always worry about the birds. The last two days were a deep freeze here – to 0 and below. I made my guy keep restocking the birdfeeder. We have suet out for the woodpeckers, who love it. We have another suet feeder out for the smaller birds and bluebirds who show up, but lately it’s just been these bigger meaner brown-speckled birds who take it over. Don’t know how to get rid of them so that the smaller birds have a chance.

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    • I think the only way to do it is what you’re already doing – have lots available, and the little birds will get in there when they can. I’m hoping it will warm up in a couple of days here, as they predict it will. Looking forward to rain instead of more snow. It has been SO cold (by our standards)! Anyone east of the west coast will think (rightly) that I’m a wimp.

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  13. We had three to five inches here in Central Ohio. We had sub-zero nights. I have to say my son did a miracle job on my car in this horrible weather. I just would not have asked him if I had known it took us a long 3 hours. My battery died and we took the left tire off, parts had been frigid so some broke off, we ran to an auto parts shop where my warehouse provides their parts. (Twice!)
    He was in his knees out in the frigid wind on icy blacktop. He was a blessing. Anyway, you are a special friend and thank you for taking care of the birds and sharing the photos here. This is Ruby getting snow on her back, right? So cute. . .
    The snow storm was a stunning photo. 🙂

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  14. Such wondrous beauties of nature! Even I just posted some lovely pics from my birding trip to the Nilgiris, which you’ll surely like 🙂

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