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A Christmas Tree Party


Do you recognize this lonely bird? He’s working hard, pecking at the bark of the Douglas fir, hoping to find some insect hiding inside. It was a bit far to zoom the camera and hope for a clear picture of him as he moved so fast, his beak working like a mini jack hammer, but maybe you can see how far he has dug into the bark. Must be something really good in there.

But what a surprise to find out today that he is lonely no longer! Yes, he has found his true love. She’s working hard too and he’s keeping an eye on her.

Notice the vertical white streak on his wings. I’ve learned that this is the only species of woodpecker to have the vertical white stripe, so that’s a positive identification for the red-breasted sapsucker.dscn7659

“Do you like redheads?” she Β asks coyly.

“My favourite kind of girl. Would you like to go to the Christmas tree party with me? There are always lots of hors d’oevres at tree parties. You just help yourself and pick away at the food.”

“Sounds delish! Where’s the party?”

“Over at Anneli’s. Her place is for the birds. Always lots of guests at her parties. No fly-by-night birds invited in the daytime.”

“I’d love to go, as long as I’m home before dark. I’ve heard about her parties. Things get a bit owly there after dark.”

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38 thoughts on “A Christmas Tree Party

  1. Lucky you.
    Woodpeckers are few and far between in my area. Grin.. woodpeckers don’t like living in our near treeless grasslands.
    P.S. cold front arrived temps in the teens and lower, chill factors -5 to -15. Not that cold if you live in North Dakota, but for a flat land Oklahoma boy, It’s Cold!!
    Happy Holidays

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    • I think these birds are smart enough to leave when winter sets in on the prairies. I know it can get darn cold there. I was feeling sorry for the birds these past days but it’s not anything like winter in the interior.
      Happy holidays to you too!


  2. I assume they were pretty noisy.


  3. [ Smiles ] Those two woodpeckers are adorable!


  4. I hope they leave some food for latecomer guests!

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  5. So sweet, Anneli !! Nice photos. Not sure if Nevada has woodpeckers but there are none down in our valley.

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  6. Those are pretty! I hope they have a good winter!

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  7. If I were a bird, I’d love to visit your home, Anneli. πŸ™‚ Great photos!

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  8. Haha. Can’t believe you made a story out of these birds. Great shots!

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  9. Oh my! I am still groaning from that one! Ha ha ha…in a good way though. Your interpretive skills are amazing. πŸ˜€ hee hee… Great photos, and a nice little story too!

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  10. A very pretty couple, I would love to see their babies next spring!

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  11. Lovely bird tale Anneli. Happy Holidays!

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  12. A happy story–and beautiful birds! You have that knack for bird photos!!!!

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  13. I love Woodpeckers. I rarely ever spot them around where I live..


  14. Aww, such good news to have the confirmation about vertical lines on the wings. Certainly helps to be able to identify the bird species, Anneli.
    The red head has captured a mate and he doesn’t have to dig so deeply into the tree in lonely frustration. πŸ˜‰ You bird conversations always leave me chuckling! Hope you have fun over the holidays!

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