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Ready for Action


In the previous post I told about the newly named “three lame ducks,” the old duck hunters who brought the duck blind they built out to the field. At the time I didn’t have a photo of the blind in its location with the final touches to have it blend in a little. Here it is, ready for action. Probably it will need a stormier day to work better, but for now it can sit out here and get used to its new surroundings.dscf2187a

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15 thoughts on “Ready for Action

  1. That’s a whole lot better than lying flat in a muddy trench!

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  2. For a duck hunter, that’s luxury!

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    • It sure is. I’ve stood out in icy weather a few times (years ago when I was more foolish) while the Captain did his duck hunting thing, and I couldn’t see how the misery of freezing was worth the thrill of watching the night flight come in – wonderful as that was.

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  3. Looks like the grand Hotel Blind. Now they only need the ducks flying around the “hotel”. Love it!

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  4. With a little snow it will be less noticeable!

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  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if a homeless person climbs in there at night, desperate to get out of that frigid air and wind! brrrr…. Perhaps they should install a solar panel or two and then they could plug in a heater or something. ha ha ha.

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  6. It blends in fairly well and will provide shelter as well as ability to be unseen, for the most part. Anneli, this was interesting. Your blog shows us a wide variety of life and the great outdoors! . 🙂

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