Cold Sunshine

The Captain and I had to make a trip up island the other day. It would be a long day so we took a picnic lunch and stopped by the roadside on the way home. Where we parked, several picnic benches were available but there was a chance our rear ends could freeze to the bench, so we stayed in the car where it was cozy. We had a fantastic view, sunshine, and the warmth of the car while we had our sandwiches and V-8 juice.

This was the view looking north towards Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. You can see the south end of town on the left, and in the distance you can see the snow-covered Coast Range which is on the BC mainland.


Looking straight ahead from the comfort of our car, this was the view we had while we ate our lunch. These mountains are also part of the Coast Range, on the BC mainland.


The waters were calm and the sun was shining, but it was hard to find a warm spot. Who knew that sunshine could be so cold?

34 thoughts on “Cold Sunshine

    • I suppose if we’d had a thermos along I’d have been tempted to call it an official boil up. Better still with a little camp stove, but in this case it was a boil up in name only, not in deed.


  1. It’s ZERO degrees Fahrenheit here right now with bright sunshine. It’s deceiving, because the blue skies look so pretty (like in your gorgeous photos), but it’s soooooo cold. I thought I would get frostbite just walking from the parking lot to my mom’s new apartment building.

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  2. I was searching quilt blogs and your photos of south of Campbell river warmed my heart. I grew up in Stories Beach(close to your photo site) and spent most days at a beach nearby( winter and summer). I can just feel the chill in the wind on a sunny day in the winter there. thanks

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    • Thank you for stopping by. It is a beautiful view on a clear day. I don’t usually notice it when we drive to Campbell River because it’s often under a cloud cover or it’s raining. That day was special.


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