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Winter Apples


As it snowed heavily all around today, the Captain brought in some of this fall’s apples we had stored in our workshop. How bright they look against the snow. I think the smaller red one on the left is a MacIntosh, and the other three are called Wilmuta, which is a cross between Jonagold and Gravenstein. The Wilmuta is a great winter apple. It matures in October and keeps well in a cool place. What a treat to see them today in a January snowfall. The rest of my garden is asleep under the snow, but the apples are still edible after a sleep in the workshop.




What sleeps in winter garden beds?

Some kale and wilted lettuce heads,

Carrots tasty, shriveled chard,

In soil that’s frozen very hard.

The chives are shivering with cold,

But in the springtime they’ll be bold

And send up shoots that say to me

Your salad’s where I’d like to be.

One day the sun will warm the soil

And Anne-li will go out and toil

Turning over weedy dirt

While working in her short-sleeved shirt.

She’s anxiously awaiting spring

So she can go and do her thing.




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29 thoughts on “Winter Apples

  1. Great post, happy harvesting in spring to you Anneli!!

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  2. Thanks, John. May spring come sooooooon!


  3. Love the photo of the apples. They really are so colorful against the snow. Your snow pics are great as well..oh and of course your little verse as well.

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  4. Spring is just around the corner and then it gets much warmer… Love your apples

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  5. I bet they’re crisp and tasty !

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  6. Yum…I love a good apple. I really enjoyed your gardening poem, Anneli. 🙂 I hope you’re out doing your thing soon!

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  7. I love your verse! But then, I’m a great fan of Ogden Nash. He was the master of silliness. Carry on. 🙂

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  8. Cute poem and I can picture you working in your garden.

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  9. I love your writing! Your apples are beautiful!!!! How wonderful it must be to enjoy apples you’ve grown. Your garden is wonderful; just sleeping until the sun warms the earth and you can go at it! Best wishes to you and all you grow! Happy New Year! Koko 🙂


  10. There is nothing silly about light hearted verse or a poem, Anneli. It takes talent to write something simple but true.
    The apples set on snow were very pretty while the snow and low visibility in the yard, over and beyond was beautiful.

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  11. Terrific photo and love your poem. Spring can’t come soon enough!

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  12. Nice poem and photograph! All those plants are hunkered down and just biding their time. Roll on Spring!

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  13. Scrumptious red apples, pretty and mouth watering. Should have the photo on my fridge to encourage me to reach for an apple instead of the *thigh padders* I reach for. Lovely verse, you add sparkle to our day!
    Hugs to you and Gary, xo

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  14. Thanks, Marsha. Hope you’re enjoying someplace warm.


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