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The Front that Backed


In my younger days when I heard the weatherman talking about a front moving in, I had only a vague idea of what that meant. It was some “up in the sky” kind of condition involving air pressure and a lot of other complicated meteorological terms. Later, I clued in that sometimes you can see the effects of a “front.” I can more easily understand things that I can see.

This morning I saw a front in action in the sky outside my house. I used to think the front was the edge of the clouds moving in like a giant wall. Amazingly, the cloudy side was not advancing, as it usually seemed to do. This one was backing off. Instead, the edge of the blue sky was pushing away the wall of clouds. The wind was coming from the north, bringing clear, cold air into the valley.

The rising sun put a pink glow on the clouds and the snow on the hilltops.



Just in case we’re all getting too happy about the sunny day, I need to let you know that later in the morning, the winds changed to southeast and precipitation is sure to follow sometime soon. If only I could save some of that rain for the summer when the drought is sure to hit again.

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40 thoughts on “The Front that Backed

  1. Sensational photos, Anneli!

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  2. Beautiful photographs! When we lived at Sea Ranch we often were able to see the “front” on its way to shore from way out in the Pacific. We were able to time the landing after a few years.

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    • No wonder people talk about the weather all the time. It’s always changing and is often fascinating to watch, especially when it’s dramatic. Although … I suppose the people of the southeastern States have had a bit too much drama lately.


  3. Nice shots! It’s pretty cool to see the weather change so dramatically!

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  4. Flying in to Edmonton from Europe once, the plane was in final descent with the wheels down when suddenly we heard the wheels go back up and the captain announced that there was a wind sheer and we were going to Calgary. My family, waiting for me at the airport later told me that the wind sheer looked like a solid giant wall from sky to ground. Not something the pilot was about to mess with.

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  5. Love those photos! I’ve always loved watching the sky when a system is on its way in or being pushed away. It always amazes me when, at times, the clouds are moving so quickly high overhead, and there is not a breath of wind here at sea level. 😀

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  6. Those are outstanding pictures!

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  7. Let’s just say Wow and Full stop.

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  8. Great photo and observations. ❤😎

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  9. I’ve always loved to watch weather fronts move in, Anneli. I especially enjoy when the cold fronts come in during autumn…the sky is spectacular. Beautiful photos!

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  10. Great photos. Thank you for explaining a front.

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  11. Lovely shots and informative post.

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  12. The skies look beautiful! “A front moving in” is one those phrases I sometimes hear in weather reports but don’t think too much about. It’s pretty cool to be able to see the effects of the front right in front of you, though.

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  13. You have amazing views from your house! Wow.

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  14. Great weather analysis and information – your photography is lovely and interesting. Xo

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  15. That lovely pale blue sky pushing the lavender, pink and bright fuschia sky away is an awesome photograph, Anneli!
    I am someone who looks to the sky every day, night or in-between. Living along Lake Erie, it was a big part of our lives. 🙂

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  16. The mountains aren’t something we were able to see unless we traveled far from Ohio. Laughing out loud! We have a few hilly areas up north and a few in the southeast part but overall a flat state! 🙂

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  17. The mountains aren’t something we were able to see unless we traveled far from Ohio. There’s nothing like seeing something with our own eyes.

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