They Lied!

The official weather groundhogs (marmots), Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam and Ontario’s Wiarton Willy have predicted an early spring this year when they did not see their shadows yesterday, February 2, Groundhog Day.


Vancouver Island marmot photo above, borrowed from Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation.

Hurray, an early spring is on its way. Behold the sunshine on the masses of gray cloud moving in from the southeast. Yes, the sunshine is hopeful, BUT, I forgot to consider what is INSIDE those clouds.

I shouldn’t have believed a mere rodent when he predicted that early spring. In the last post I had sunshine brightening up pussywillows, and today, the very day after the early spring prediction, these glowing clouds opened up and ruined everything. They made liars of the marmots and Nervous Nellies out of all the wussy drivers of the rainy West Coast.


Just LOOK at this mess!  Beautiful, isn’t it?


36 thoughts on “They Lied!

  1.’s gorgeous for December!! Icy rain here and just bone chilling. Your photo presents a much prettier picture than I have out my office window right now. Mother Nature was not liking those groundhogs at all.

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  2. 10 cm of snow here this morning as well. It was fairly lightweight, so the shoveling wasn’t too bad. Thank goodness the weather is warming up a bit. Your photos are beautiful, as usual!!

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    • Our driveway is too long to shovel. I’m going to wait for the rain to wash this snow away. May it come soon. Meanwhile we can enjoy the way it looks so pretty when snow covers everything. Keep warm, Sonja.


    • Funny thing about snow. It’s so beautiful and clean and yet it is so hard on birds and other animals. I do what I can to feed the birds, but beyond that, I just have to hope the other animals find food under that beautiful covering of snow.


  3. I just came home from downtown. The traffic was moving slowly and cautiously. My groceries are bought, errands done and now I can relax and sew all weekend! Lovely pics.

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    • My first reaction was to laugh because you’re joking but then I thought, good chance that some little critters would freeze to death in a cold winter. Let’s hope it doesn’t last too much longer.


  4. It’s very pretty! Wussy drivers, cute! If I understand you correctly, you’d think people would learn how to drive on that stuff after a few years. Sunny and mid 60’s in Vegas today, 70’s next week – love it!

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    • That’s exactly what I mean. People who live in places where it snows all winter learn how to drive in the snow. But out here on the coast it’s a rare thing to have snow, and it’s wet and heavy and greasy. Most people have no practice or experience with driving in snow because in a few days it’s gone and it’s raining again. I’m all green with envy over your temperatures.

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      • After 50+ years in Michigan, it’s amazing how the apparently older drivers seem to be so impaired by snow. It’s not difficult – slow down. Allow much more stopping distance! Those local upcoming temperatures are one part of many why my now Ex and I chose Las Vegas. The tax structure of Nevada also played it’s part. I really doubt I’ll move back to my home state, rather, likely to move back to south Florida where I lived in the 90’s. Call me an old fart!!

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  5. Wish we got snow to photograph… I think you should fire the groundhog and follow the scientists that say our weather has been turned up-side-down and expect spring when its due. That could be tomorrow for all you know…


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