Oh NO!

Just yesterday, I took the snowy header off my WP home page, replacing it with spring-like pussy willows. Did I anger the gods and they made it snow again? AARRGGHH!

I stuck my camera out the back door and snapped this picture without regard for settings. The snow is falling in streaks, which tells me that the shutter speed is too slow (I think!) but I thought I’d post it anyway because it shows how the snow is basically “streaming” out of the sky. AGAIN!

I’m leaving the spring header on. Maybe it will work some magic.


NOW look at the backyard! Poor birds have to scramble for food all over again, just when they thought it was spring. All the snow was gone yesterday and today it’s back again. I could cry!


Gentle snowflakes

Devastate me.

Gliding pastย 

They say, “Don’t hate me.”

I’m resigned.

It’s like this lately.


60 thoughts on “Oh NO!

  1. Donยดt give up! Spring is coming soon. We had some snow today as well and tonight it will be cold again. And this, after we had already 10 +!
    Your pictures are outstanding, so very pretty!

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  2. Your pussy willow photo is outstanding. And gives me hope. I feel like you do about the snow. In mid-December, it’s beautiful. In the end of February, it’s a horror show. :-0 But I remind myself in the glorious summer that it would never be this glorious if we didn’t have the horror show.

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  3. Oh for crying out loud. What’s going on? It was in the 60’s and 70’s here all week! I kept thinking it was May, until right now as I type this . . . it’s snowing! Oh yeah, it’s still February. Bummer.

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  4. I was out and about today, and saw robins. We don’t have them as residents. When they do show up, it means the migration is underway, and they’re headed north. So be of good cheer! They have a lot of territory to cover, but they’re coming.

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  5. I do really like the photographs of snow, Anneli. That being said, I am praying “No More Snow!” (“Please Mother Nature” or whomever you pray to or don’t pray to. . .)
    Your hopeful pussy willows make me have hope, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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