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Herring Time


When the herring roe fishery happens each spring on the BC Coast, the seine boats and herring skiffs congregate close to shore because that is where the herring can be intercepted as they rush the beach to spawn. At night when the boats have their anchor lights on, it looks like a floating city just offshore.

Sea lions and seagulls and eagles patrol the area in hope of some tasty bites.


Photo courtesy of P. Knettig


It’s a bluebird day. Hard to believe it was rough and windy just a couple of days ago. Still it was fishable and the herring filled the seine nets. Then disaster struck as an extra heavy net caused a boat to list  and not recover. The fishing community lost a fellow fisherman. His brother is quoted on CTV News:

“They had a really big set. The boat was listing and Mel went down into the engine room to turn the pumps on, and while he was down there the boat rolled over.”

It brings home to all of us once again, how dangerous fishing is. While the fleet mourns the loss of one of their own, the fishery goes on, as it must. The pretty night lights, and the bluebird daytime sky and sea belie the sombre mood and the heavy hearts of the fishing fleet.

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37 thoughts on “Herring Time

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your fisherman, Anneli. There’s risk every time anyone puts to sea, for any reason, and we too easily forget it. We lost a local sailor when the keel fell off his boat during a race. He managed to get his crew out of the turtled boat, but didn’t make it himself. Most of the crew were boy scouts — it was a terrible experience.

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  2. Great photos Anneli, so sorry about the fisherman. God bless him and his family. 😞

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  3. You paint a wonderful picture of ‘herring time’. But so sorry to hear of the loss of the fisherman.

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear this, Anneli. Praying for his family and friends…such a tragedy.

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  5. We have always heard how dangerous the fishing business can be. Year after year families say goodbye to loved ones and pray for a terrific season and safe travels home. So very sad Anneli. Prayers for family and comrades.

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  6. So dangerous and such a tragic loss.

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  7. Beautiful scenery with a sad ending. Such somber news. Did Captain G. fish that day? I can’t say as I know what “listing” means, but it doesn’t sound good. 😦

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  8. Sorry to hear about the loss of Mel.

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  9. I got such a great sense of fishing, the area you live in, and the dangers from your two books of fiction, Anneli. (The Wind Weeps and Reckoning Tide) And the photos you have here look JUST like the setting you described. BEAUTIFUL. So sorry about the death of the fisherman. 😦

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  10. I loved the photographs, but I was sorry to hear about the local tragedy. Fishing, like mining, is one of those jobs that even today is still inherently dangerous. I feel so sorry for his poor family. 😦

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  11. So very sad .. But you can´t tell a fisherman to quit his job – its is life!
    The pictures are wonderful.

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  12. I loved the low clouds in the photos, where the sky is such a bright blue color! Anneli, so sorry to hear of the fisherman. I also hope this doesn’t hit you too hard in that you may worry about your dear husband the Captain. ❤
    The creatures, birds, seals and others are always fascinating. I am heading to bed, dear friend. xo Snow tomorrow morning!

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  13. Lovely impressions, Anneli. It’s sad and hard to think about the darker side of the this profession that I know very well.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend. x

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