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Julia’s Violinist: A Story of Love, Courage, Survival


Lori Greer in Portland

I miss Julia.

Sometimes my need to know the “rest of the story” competes with not wanting to let the main character go by finishing a book.

I can be almost finished with a book but find that I have to force myself to read the final chapter.

This is the case with Julia, the main character in Julia’s Violinist.

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13 thoughts on “Julia’s Violinist: A Story of Love, Courage, Survival

  1. I wonder if you could write a second book about Julia!

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  2. I miss her too!

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  3. I also feel that books carry characters with us, we may never let them fully go! I loved the girls from Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women.” It was thrilling to be able to follow the dynamic character, Jo, on into her marriage to the Professor and “Jo’s Boys.” The book, “Eight Cousins” kept the era alive for me, too.
    I have just started purchasing books, since unfortunately, the library doesn’t buy as many of my friends’ books as I wished. Your name as well as many others were submitted with description or summary of plots.
    Your Julia sounds like someone I need to become acquainted with. . . 🙂

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