Brother and Sister

Emma, our field bred English cocker spaniel came from the Edmonton area. That’s a long way from here – about 1400 kms. She is three years old now and has a brother, Gus (from a new litter – same parents), living in town. Gus came for a visit the other day. We kept Emma outside for this visit. It was Gus’s special time.

The bowl of walnuts and hazelnuts that was on the coffee table was the first thing to be investigated. Bowls seem to have special meaning to both Emma and Gus.

One leap onto the table  and the nuts were all over the floor. I had to laugh because it brought back so many memories of puppy fiascoes that I had to deal with when Emma was Gus’s age. Everything had to be explored and there were still many rules that needed to be tested.

Like Emma, Gus is energetic, playful, and loving. He showed us how smart he is by lying down and waiting for the treat he knew was coming. A little piece of cheese makes a great reward for good behaviour. 

Notice the big mitts on him? Proof that he is Emma’s brother. She has the same big paws. In the photo of Emma (below) her head looks big because of the way I had the camera right in her face. In this picture she is the same age as Gus is now.

Here she is several months older, but she still has some growing time ahead. Her ears are not yet covered in long curls and the tail doesn’t have all the “feathers” that will make it look like a flag waving.

We loved meeting Gus, and recognized so many behaviours and physical traits that were so much like Emma’s. Their parents both have pedigrees a mile long, loaded with Field Trial Champions, and these puppies have the best of their genes. Sweet and loving and very smart. Can you tell I’m over the moon about them?





61 thoughts on “Brother and Sister

  1. They’re both darling. I’m not so much a dog person — at least, I’m not one who should have a dog, because of the time and attention they take. But if I were to have a dog, one like this would be wonderful.

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    • We kept ours in the kennel during the visit because Gus is quite a bit smaller than they are and we didn’t want it to be a “top dog circus.” Just wanted to get to know Gus for now. Maybe on another visit….


  2. Oh my. Gus is like the negative composite of Emma. One is black with some white areas, the other white with some black areas. Very, very adorable. Thanks for sharing Gus. I love me some furry four-legged canines. 🙂

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  3. Emma and Gus are both sweeties. Poor Ruby must have felt a bit left out. I love both your pups. You guys have done a great job with training both of them.

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    • Ruby was with Emma in the kennel. They had each other. But you should have heard Emma’s panic when she saw me saying goodbye to Gus . I think she thought she’d been replaced. I could hear her yelling at me, “Don’t go with him. Take me!”


  4. And I’m over the moon as I look at your photos, listen to you rhapsodize over Gus and Emma. They remind me of our golden Henry. He’s been gone 3 years (can’t believe it) and we miss him still very much. We still know his breeder, who lives in a home in the middle of the nowhere woods in NE. Every once in a while we dream of getting Henry’s great great great grandson and bringing him home. :-0

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  5. Love those field bred English Cockers! I thought about getting one for myself, but decided I am a setter person, so I went with a Llewellyn Setter. I grew up with setters. Love this post!

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  6. We enjoyed our visit although I thought we might need to leave quickly when the nuts went flying! Meeting Emma earlier in the year helped me to make my decision to have Gus and I sure don’t regret it! Hopefully next time Gus visits the house manners will be firmly in place :))

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    • We were thrilled to meet Gus and the flying nutbowl was nothing at all in a day in the life of a puppy. Emma did some horrendous things when she was a puppy, but she turned out fine. I saw that Gus had great control in spite of his high energy. He’ll be a fine dog.


  7. Gus ist wirklich süß. Und Emma ist mindestens genauso süß. Vielleicht sogar noch süßer. 🙂 ❤
    Diese Ähnlichkeiten im Verhalten bei Geschwistern kenne ich bei Felix' auch. 🙂
    Das ist so süß.

    Liebe Grüße,

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  8. The sister and brother dogs are so cute, like the reverse of each other’s colors, Anneli. I love how you are so proud of Emma and amused about Gus. Gus has such a cute pair of soft, white fluffy ears! 🙂

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