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Easter Bunny Does it Again


I have always wondered why rabbits deliver Easter eggs. Let me backtrack on that – why rabbits paint Easter eggs. Of course they’ll deliver them once they’ve gone to all the trouble of painting them. Β As a child I wondered more about that than I did about what Santa has to do with Christmas, but I learned to accept that the goodies each provided were worth putting up with the stories adults make up.

So each year I haul out the Easter eggs and wonder who painted them and how …and whether that rabbit would be any good in the pot, after eating all the vegetables out of my garden.

When I encountered this rabbit in my backyard, I asked him how he paints the eggs. Did he use a brush like I’ve seen in some of the children’s colouring books, or did he use a rag, or did he dip them?

He said:

“Oh … it’s simple. I dip my paw in the paint pot. Then I take an egg and I just rabbit on.

Happy Easter!”



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37 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Does it Again

  1. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜šπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜šπŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ€πŸ£πŸ“πŸ₯

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  2. I know that bunny! He had to vacate my back yard when the “rabbit” fence went up. Things are calmer for Ivy now.

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  3. Happy Easter, Anneli!!

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  4. I made hasenpfeffer a very long time ago. I don’t think the Easter Bunny knew what it was. πŸ™‚

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  5. Aw…what a cute Easter post, Anneli. The eggs are beautiful and I especially love the one with the little chick. Happy Easter!

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  6. You would eat that cute little bunny!?

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  7. First of all, I love the photos! but really “rabbit on”??? Grooooooaaaaaaner! Ha ha ha ha.

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  8. Well fed rabbit. He might be dipping into the chocolate himself. Happy Easter.

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  9. Beautiful blooms. Don’t have many here yet. Happy Easter, Anneli.

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  10. Wow. Amazing at how talented your rabbits are.

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  11. I bet the top six are from this country. Very typical. but all the eggs are painted so pretty. Send this Easter bunny over quick please. I coloured my eggs for the kids which come to the door on Easter Monday with onion skins. They look okay but not as pretty as yours. Those pretty ones are my Easter deco in the sunroom for the kids to look at (they are empty). The eggs the kids get are cooked and fresh. Happy Easter, thanks for the lovely post!

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  12. Your Easter bunny did a good job! I think the top 5 are from this country, so the bunnies here are not so bad either. Thanks for the lovely post and have a happy Easter!

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    • Yes, you’re right. The top five plus the red one are from the Czech Republic (oh … I guess it’s Czechia now), the pale ones are painted by Yana and Yosef wehn they were about 8 years old (they’re going to be 34 this year!), the alabaster one was bought in Vancouver about 44 years ago, and the tiny one is a quail egg I found in the backyard about 20 years ago.
      Happy Easter to you too. I think the note above this one was from you too. Thanks.

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  13. Anneli, adorable post and gorgeous eggs! Have you ever read the children’s book “The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes”? My favorite Easter book ever. I read the comment above about hasenpfeffer, and it reminded me of a story my father told me about his grandfather that I had completely forgotten. He was a German immigrant who brought his family to the US around 1896. My father says in the summers he used to go to Wisconsin (from Illinois) and sell hasenpfeffer! Now whether he was selling rabbits or stew, I don’t know. I should ask my uncle . . . . .

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    • What an interesting history bloggers compile with their comments. What a book it would make! Happy Easter.

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      • That would be fun! As a kid I read my grandmother’s copy of “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” by Art Linkletter. We could put together “Bloggers Say the Darnedest Things.” πŸ˜‰

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        • Oh dear, we ARE the older generation. We used to love the Art Linkletter show. He’d do things like “Can you name ten things your wife is carrying in her purse right now?” Or “Here’s the phone, we’re dialling your husband. You have one minute. If you can get him to say ‘I love you’ you get $1000.” And yes, an anthology of bloggers’ comments would be precious.


  14. Hahaha So clever, Anneli. I love your beautiful, treasured Easter eggs. They are all one of a kind and I wish you had included a few memories, maybe next year. . . ❀

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