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Limited Vision?


On May 9, 2017, British Columbia will hold provincial elections to decide which party will govern the province for the next four years. 85 members of the Legislative Assembly will be elected. Currently, of the 85 seats, 48 are held by the Provincial Liberal Party, 35 by the New Democratic Party, 1 Green, and 1 Independent.

I was driving along one of our neighbourhood streets and I noticed that one of the parties had chosen an unfortunate place to put up a campaign sign. By the way, this party did the same thing four years ago. Ask any realtor and they’ll tell you what is important. Location, location, location!

To me, this sign makes a statement. Not only is it saying that its vision is limited, but anyone can see that its platform is garbage.

I’m sure the candidate whose name appears on the sign is not aware of this faux pas (for the second time in four years), but perhaps she should be? Or she should get someone else to work on her campaign. Right now, I’m feeling rather sorry for her.

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28 thoughts on “Limited Vision?

  1. Great thoughts Anneli. Politics are brutal regardless of country. So many politicians lack vision beyond their own pockets lined with big money. It’s a mental disorder. God bless Canada. 🇨🇦

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  2. Maybe inadvertent truth in advertising?

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  3. Very funny!

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  4. You’ve really got to wonder😊

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  5. Is that a resident who put out the sign to support that candidate? Residents put out signs here. If it’s the resident putting it out right by their garbage, that’s pretty stupid. Yes, and funny. If it’s the actual candidate putting out the sign, again, stupid and funny. You may have read before that my dad was/is a local politician here where I grew up. Everyone knows him in my county. My dad has told me stories about how opposition candidates staff would steal signs and toss them in garbage bins. Who knows if someone is being a smarty pants in this case. 😉

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    • No, the campaign helpers ask the residents if they’d mind having a sign put up in their front yard and the helpers do all that work. It’s bad enough putting it near the sign (Vision Limited), but it happened to be garbage pickup day when I drove past. Probably today the sign is sitting there without garbage cans around it, but still by the Vision Limited sign. That’s bad enough. Or maybe other people don’t have my weird sense of humour. As for stealing signs, I suppose it happens around here on occasion, but mainly people respect each other’s right to have a different viewpoint (including limited vision), unless it’s a very heated campaign. I know sometimes I’ve been tempted to rip out every signpost of the opposition party but I restrain myself in the name of democracy. I also don’t go protesting the winner of an election afterwards (if it turns out not to be the person I wanted) because I believe in the electoral process. Otherwise why bother to have an election?

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  6. I wanted to pick up a conservative sign today, but couldn’t find their office. I know, some people would say something about a lost vote, but I am slowly getting the feeling, that the “strategic voting” does not work. So I will try to encourage the conservative voters, that we must start somewhere. BTW the BC liberals might be slightly better, than the orange communists, but not much.


    • I don’t think they have any provincial members. That’s probably why you couldn’t find an office for them. The provincial Liberals are about as close as you’ll get to the old provincial Conservatives. The federal Liberals are quite a different story; quite different from the federal Conservatives.


  7. I like when everyday things or situations arise and create blogging material (fodder) for us. The result was funny and for me feeling bad for the candidate, Anneli. 😀

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  8. Actually, I felt bad for her too, but I’m sure I was the only one who noticed, and now, my followers, but most of them are not involved in the voting so no harm done.


  9. I certainly wouldn’t vote for her!!!!

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