Currant Affairs

No, that’s not a spelling mistake. I do mean “currant” with an “a.”

Here’s what happened.

First thing in the morning I go into the kitchen to put the coffee on.

Hmph! No coffee ground.

Get the beans and pour them into the grinder. I have dark roast and medium roast. These look like … can’t really tell …should have labeled the jar.

Oh well,  here goes. Put the cap on the grinder and … wait a minute! These look like awfully small beans ….

WHAAAAT? That’s not coffee! I taste a “bean” to be sure. They’re currants!

I’m struggling to wake up. My eyes are only half open. And as you can see in the photo below, one of the pot lights has a burned out bulb. They are connected three to a switch and only two of this set are on.

I made scones the other day and put currants in them. I always put away the ingredients when I finish baking, but I hadn’t put away the jar with currants in them. As you can see below, they look very much like the coffee beans that I keep on the counter because I’m always needing to grind more coffee.

With the poor lighting from the burnt out bulb, I couldn’t see that one jar had something other than coffee beans in it.  So maybe there are two dimbulbs around here.

Of course, I can forgive myself for almost making pureed currants.

I hadn’t had my first cup of coffee yet.

35 thoughts on “Currant Affairs

  1. Sonja Forrester

    Remind me to check the coffee before drinking it at your house!! Ha ha ha. The pureed currants, however, might make for some tasty tea. 🙂 Oh the struggles we must bear in our daily lives. 😀

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I think Sonja might be right and it would make a good cup of tea, but I need my coffee. Still, you’ve got my wheels turning. They put all sorts of flavouring in coffee now….


    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Without the blogging option I would have given my head a shake and moved on to the next dumb thing, but having my blogging friends to share with allows me to chuckle over this silly thing several times and I’m still smiling as I write this. (Now the world gets to hear all about it – but it’s all in good fun.)

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  2. lorigreer

    I do things like this in the early morning. One time I forgot to put the lid on the jar before I turned it upside down to blend my smoothie on my NutriBullet. A blender works better but the NutriBullet is handy. I could drink currant tea but not sure about currant coffee!

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