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The Mascot


When the Captain and I were on one of our trips to Baja California, we stopped to do some shopping in Ensenada. I found a puppet-style doll that I couldn’t live without. She was the Mexican version of Annie Oakley. What made me even happier, was buying the doll that had to be her partner.  He is pictured in the photo below Annie.

The store proprietor told me that this doll represents the hen-pecked husband, the Honeydew man (Honey, do this and Honey, do that), but in Spanish they called this fellow a “mandelon,”  because he is ordered about. What woman would not want a mandelon to do things for her? I had to have this doll!

In my novel Orion’s Gift,  Sylvia is all alone in the world and has more than her share of problems. She really needs someone, so I gave her a mascot to lend her strength. Below is a short excerpt from Orion’s Gift, telling about how Sylvia came to adopt Annie.


In one shop, handmade puppets on strings hung from the ceiling. Each doll had a unique character and, like orphans hoping to be adopted, seemed to call, “Take me with you.” I fell in love with a Mexican Annie Oakley. She held a mini six-gun in each hand and radiated confidence and self-reliance. I paid for her and happily carried her home to my van. I rigged up a spot on the curtain rod behind the seat for Annie to watch over me at night. She’d be my mascot, a reminder that I was strong and could take care of myself.

If you would like to read about Sylvia, you can purchase the e-book for less than the price of a hamburger. Just click on the link to amazon.com.

Click here:  amazon.com

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23 thoughts on “The Mascot

  1. A very good post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Such cute dolls!!! ❤️

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  3. I really like Annie! So glad you got her and her helper.


  4. I love these dolls, Anneli! The details on the clothing are wonderful. Off to Tweet!

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  5. I love those two dolls! They are from the days when people produced cute, humorous and harmless dolls.

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  6. Annie is a perfect mascot for Sylvia.

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  7. Fun to learn more about Annie. I am enjoying the novel very much. An intriguing story.

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  8. I like to buy paperback books, so I don’t have a light glowing in my eyes when I go to bed. I will purchase your book, as this month of May I would like to have two or three books by my fellow bloggers. I have purchased only one in 2016, while this year I have three. Thanks for sharing a snippet of “Orion’s Gift.” You recommended Julia’s book so I may stay with the historical book you suggested. 🙂

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  9. Those puppets are awesome!

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