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Nose Prints on the Window


The rabbits know it’s spring. They’re doing what rabbits do, breeding like rabbits. The young ones are rather naive and often sit out in the open. Don’t they know there are eagles nesting in the trees close by? They will be wanting to feed their babies. Hasenpfeffer is one of their favourite meals.

And what about the owls that call at night? They’re hoping that when they call, “Who? Who?” a rabbit will be stupid enough to answer and say, “It’s me — Dumb Bunny.”

Hawks, owls, eagles — all are hoping for a meal of rabbit stew.

Bugsy is getting nervous and runs for  the hedge. “I’m out of sight. I can’t see any danger,” he thinks, with his juicy hindquarters sticking out for any passing predator to size up.

The worst, most dangerous predator of all is the English field cocker spaniel who is straining to get her nose through the window.

“I just want to play tag,” she says.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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44 thoughts on “Nose Prints on the Window

  1. Are you saying that adorable puppy would eat one of those cute little bunnies?

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  2. This was profoundly well written. Such a compelling and anxious story in such a short format. Not easy to do. I have and english springer spaniel. He is malfunctioning because he is oblivious to birds and rabbits and anything that isn’t goose poo. His favorite treat. Can’t even be bothered to chase the damn geese who are standing right there.

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  3. Good dog! A good looking dog too!!

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  4. We’ve had a rabbit explosion in our neighborhood…they’re everywhere. Beautiful dog!

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  5. Emma really does look interested! There are a couple of rabbits in residence here too. After several discussion on the matter he has conceded that he will not chase them once they leave the driveway, the same as deer and turkeys.

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  6. Emma..you sweet little gal. Butter would not melt ..right?? My neighbor had a rabbit head present from her doggie and that prompted me to have extra ” rabbit fencing” put all around my back yard. Ivy is quite disappointed.


  7. I know the birds need to eat too but I’m rooting for the rabbits.

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  8. Lovely post 🙂
    Cheers !

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  9. So cute. All of it. Especially the close. Let me out!

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  10. Awww, why wouldn’t you let her out? She’s such a sweetheart…:P

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    • We have to give the rabbits a chance. We do let her out once we figure she can’t really catch them. It’s not that I’d mind being rid of the rabbits but I don’t want to hear them screaming.


  11. Great post and perfect photos to go with it. My daughter used to think bunnies were cute until she planted 50 pansies and at least half of them were eaten by the bunny population in her neighborhood. She has a golden retriever who looks at rabbits as if they’re just rather strange looking creatures and then he goes back to his ball. Go figure!

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  12. If I don’t clean those nose prints regularly, they are hard to get off the glass. We didn’t have rabbits in Florida. At least not where I lived. Now that Max has seen them where we’ve moved, they fascinate him. He wants at them so bad. I can tell he’s just excited and wants to meet them. He’s not a hunting dog, but he probably wants to herd them. He doesn’t go after squirrels. He’s seen those before. No big deal. 😉

    Have a nice weekend, Anneli.

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  13. Aww, Anneli! The bunny photos and your sweet, sensitive story of danger around them was nice. Now, are you sure the dog would really harm the bunny!? Maybe the bunny has a place out of reach, under a fence or through a narrow break in the area? My brother’s golden retriever, Hamlet, was ever so upset when he caught a baby squirrel and it stopped moving. He took it to his Daddy (runner/professor Rich) who put it in a shoe box since it’s heart was beating and my grandkids were there to worry. He and they traveled to a nature center who may or may not revive the little bushy tailed creature. If worse comes to worse, the wounded hawk in a cage there or a snake behind glass may get a fresh meal. Shh-h, don’t let the little ones know.

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  14. Coyotes and foxes would enjoy such a meal too. Rabbits lead dangerous lives.


    • Yes, they do. I’d like to get rid of the rabbits because of the garden, but I’m glad we don’t have the coyotes that close in our area. I know they can be quite brazen in some outlying areas.


  15. Yeah, right, that’s what she wants! hahaha I forgot about the nose prints on the windows! Cats don’t do those, so I haven’t had any since I lost my last dog!

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    • Proving once again that cats are smarter than dogs, right? I used to have two cats that I just adored. Had them from kittens until they died of old age and I’, still missing them years later.

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      • Well, yes, they are. Dogs are wonderful, as you well know, but cats won’t stoop to slobbering on a window ;). I had to laugh when I read a blog post by a woman who does cat rescue. She also has two dogs. She said the reason they get along so well with her cats is because they set it up in their house that cats are above the dogs in the pack hierarchy. LOL

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  16. Our cat used to curl up to our old lab who would lick the cat’s face until it was sopping wet and the cat’s ear was folded back. Of course when the cat had had enough it was time for a little swipe of the paw, reminding the dog who was boss.


  17. Thanks, Martina. You and I love our dogs!


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