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The Happy Couple


Today’s post is probably going to be the last of the “doll series,” mainly because I don’t have any more dolls. This last pair is the oldest and came to our household about 1975 as a wedding gift brought back from Mexico by one of my sisters.

They both look a little bit in shock. The impact of the meaning of the word “lifetime” has just hit them.

After 42 years, her hands are swollen from all the hard work and her feet look sore. He has obviously been tearing his hair out, putting up with her, and his hands and feet are pretty clumpy too.

But they’re still together. They must have something good going on to make them stay.

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26 thoughts on “The Happy Couple

  1. I love these two. In all the years I’ve been going to Mexico I’ve only brought back two ceramic dolls which are packed away.

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  2. hysterical…. tearing his hair out!!
    just so funny; we have now been married 40 years, and gee… I can relate.
    and I KNOW, my guy sure does!! lol cool post A!!! cheers, Debi

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  3. LOL! Yes, I’d say both look a little stunned, especially the groom.

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  4. Sounds just like us !!!

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  5. Roses in cheeks…martini time maybe 🙂

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  6. They’re so strangely cute!

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  7. Exactly. They are the farthest thing from Barbie and Ken, but that’s my preference anyway.


  8. I really liked this one and plan to head backwards now to see what I missed, dear Anneli. I shall show my Mom over Memorial Day weekend, since she loved her few trips to Mexico with her Spanish students. . . Thanks for the fun thoughts to go with them! xo

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  9. Hah, I (of course) love the “doll series.” They are so cute.

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  10. I think you just caught them by surprise. They are super-sweet|!!!

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  11. You are our sunshine! Seize The Moment – Sunrise; Nature photo of Trilliums, showing us Brants and their spring stay over on Goosespit; Rabbits in the garden; Robins busy feeding families; You are a sparkle in our day Anneli. Cheers!!!

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  12. Great insights into what they are thinking!

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  13. Love that! Makes me smile all over.

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