Quilt Show in Cumberland, BC

The local quilting guild  put on a quilt show on the long weekend in May. I tried to snap a few pictures and here are four of them.  Some of the visitors inadvertently became part of this post. Hard to take a picture of the quilts in a crowded room. More photos to come in future blog posts.

This sailboat quilt has many different designs for the sails. Maybe, like me, you hadn’t noticed that at first?

The quilt shown below, with the tiny squares, is driving me crazy. I keep trying to figure out where the pattern begins and ends. Is it the four-square surrounded by the border of 12 little squares? But where do they begin or end?

Anyone who likes to read would love to have this bookshelf quilt hanging on their wall.

And then there is Gladys’s 150th birthday quilt of Canada’s provincial flowers. If you’ve forgotten which provinces the flowers represent, there is a link to click  which will take you back to a post in which this quilt was still a work in progress. Gladys has quilted maple leaf motifs all around the edge of the quilt in variegated metallic thread. Beautiful job!

For a close up look at the quilting on this one, click  the link below:


41 thoughts on “Quilt Show in Cumberland, BC

    • I know what you mean. I thought that too at first, but then I thought about all the work of sewing and ironing those tiny squares and making the design come out right (whatever that is). Maybe it’s meant to put you to sleep, something like counting sheep.

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  1. Cross-eyed right now. How tedious for the artist to have spent hours and hours piecing this quilt. Love Gladys’s flower quilt. I admire all who take the time and love the journey of quilting.

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    • I was surprised to see that the sails were so different on each one. At first glance I had thought they were all the same. I can see that you’d dream about boating adventures if you slept under that quilt.


  2. This is wonderful, Anneli. The quilt of books…ahhh. My preschool class adores working alongside a quilter. The results are remarkable. Thank you for the great photos and the post.

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  3. I love all the quilts a lot – I adore all people who can do such a piece of art! But the Bookshelf one I love especially, would buy instantly!!!

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  4. Thanks Anneli for showing my quilt on your post. Yes, many hours went into that one, in fact I started planning a Canada floral quilt a number of years ago. The design changed many times before I finally was happy with the penciled sketch. Then came choosing the fabrics followed by the cutting and appliqueing. What fun!
    Quilting is addictive and also very satisfying. To start with an idea and seeing it eventually on a wall in beautiful fabrics is so rewarding. Even if it doesn’t win a prize, it is another step in the creative process. Much like writing a book.

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