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More Quilts


Again I apologize for the clipped edges and odd angles of the quilt photos. At the Cumberland Quilt Show, I was trying to snap pictures over people’s heads, and to isolate some quilts that were hanging close to others.

The quilt below is a bargello, showing yet again the many possibilities of this art. Notice how the strips are narrower as the design is close to the peaks and valleys and wider as the curve is not as steep.

In the small works group, the challenges may vary. In the next two quilts, done by the same person, the challenge was to incorporate five circles and the element of water. These houses are on the canals of Amsterdam.

The quilt below has many textures, stitch types, piecing, and applique. The challenge was to tell a story. This one is of collecting things, an activity the quilter and the chickadee have in common.

Painting with thread? Who would have thought it possible? Add the geometric design that evolves from the direction and path of the thread and you have a wonderful work of art.

Dandelions can be beautiful too. This one involved a lot of tying off of threads at the ends of each “fuzz.” Notice the centers of some of the flowers. Those are buttons. When they are fastened to the back of the fabric it creates a tiny 3-D effect.


Have I inspired you yet to try your hand at quilting?

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29 thoughts on “More Quilts

  1. I like the one with the little bicycles and the dandelions best, but hate to pick favorites as they are all so creative and must require hours of work – definitely a labor of love.

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  2. I like every one of them, great work by all the artists! ❤️

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  3. Wow,they’re all so lovely 🙂

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  4. Reminds me so much of the America I once knew.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Quilters do some of the most amazing things with their art!

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  6. I love the painting with threads and the dandelions in particular. My sister-in-law is a quilter. I wonder if she has come across this kind of creating…

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  7. These are great, Anneli. I especially love the Chickadee!

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  8. They are all so so beautiful! Thanks so much for showing them to us.

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  9. Being one who never got the hang of a sewing machine, my level of awe is beyond measure. The design skills represented here deserve a lot of respect.


  10. These are works of art, imaginative, challenging and creative detailing. Have my total admiration. Wow factor is dominant. You have inspired me to go to next year’s Cumberland Quilt Show. Any others you recommend?

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  11. Loved the quilts. My mom quilted. I did not learn the art. Thank you for the remembrance of quilting ftrames and family or neighbor ladies having a day of quilting and visiting.

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    • Thank you. I think the quilting groups were an importance link to bond women in the old days (before phones and internet), but they are making a big comeback now. I see younger people taking up quilting and learning from the old grannies. Great to see.


  12. I enjoyed the coral and orange with the peaks and valleys! It was so nice of you to have taken photos of the little pieces.
    The houses with river reflections and the chickadee are my favorites of those “small worx.”

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