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Community Garden


On Protection Island, near Nanaimo, BC, my visit continued with my friend acting as tour guide. Here is a community garden where residents can maintain a raised bed or contribute in other ways to the island’s garden project.

Can you see the glimpse of ocean through the trees? Now imagine that fresh sea air warmed by the sun. The garden is surrounded by trees that keep the humidity  hovering over the fruit and vegetables grown here.

Two special things got my attention:

  1. The potato plants in the two boxes at the front of the picture. In the ample loose soil in those boxes, the roots of the plants are able to produce more potatoes.
  2. The huge cage to the left is like a bird cage in reverse. It it meant to keep the birds out and the raspberries and strawberries in. What a great idea! So much better than netting that can tangle the birds’ feet.
    The garden is well looked after and is producing abundantly already. Outside the garden is a “Help Yourself” table where gardeners can share produce. Sometimes a person can only eat so many tomatoes or whatever vegetable has suddenly become prolific. It’s great to share.

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26 thoughts on “Community Garden

  1. I can see that lots of love goes into this garden, even the grass is nicely manicured. ❤️

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  2. That’s a great looking garden spot and garden!

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  3. Such a beautifully manicured garden. I love how well organized it is. Oh, and just to be a stickler, Protection Island is actually a part of the City of Nanaimo, supplied by city water, cable TV and other services. It is a lovely spot and I could easily be convinced to retire there. Peace, serenity, solitude and apparently very fertile soil and beautiful gardens. 🙂 Love the photo.

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  4. What a fantastic garden! Thanks for sharing, Anneli.

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  5. A perfect photo and it makes me want to put together a delightful salad immediately!

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  6. I love this garden, so well organized and healthy looking!

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  7. Thanks. I leave for Europe tomorrow morning and will be gone for 3 weeks. I just wanted to give you a heads up as I will not be answering my email on a regular basis.



  8. It sounds wonderful. There’s a similar garden close to where I live in the downtown area. For those with no backyards it’s a great idea.

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  9. I love community gardens . This one seems really well kept!

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  10. I love the concept of a community garden. There is one about a fifteen minute walk from my home and I love to take my dog for a walk there where I can admire what’s growing in the gardens.:)

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  11. What a great community garden! The way you mentioned the fenced in, “caged” berries was a good reminder that some forms of protecting our food, may hurt the creatures just trying to get a meal (by using netting).

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    • I have only a small strawberry patch and I have netting over it, but I check it every day, and every time I walk past the garden. I don’t want to be hurting any little birds.
      A cage would be way better though.


  12. How lovely is that! What a great idea. I’d love to score a spot in a community garden one day- for now I just have my own veggie garden out back. PS I love Protection Island in BC 🙂 Amazing.


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