Orchid Goes to Town

Another orchid is waking up. The first bud is squinting with one eye to have a look around. She’s not sure she wants to come out completely. It looks a bit gray out there. Where is summer?


She waits a day or two and soon reinforcements come along. In the company of her sisters, she feels brave enough to face the world. But what faces they have!


One of the things I love about orchids (besides their long blooming time) is that each type has such unique characteristics. It seems that the colours and designs are infinite.Β DSCN8532


What beetle with its bleeding feet

Has marked my orchid, once so neat?

Or maybe she’s not feeling well

And has the measles, I can’t tell.

I know! She’s going into town

To sport her polka-dotted gown.

47 thoughts on “Orchid Goes to Town

    • Thanks, Terry. As you know, I love the fact that there are all these types of orchids and the wild ones you find are really special. The best I can do is have the store-bought kind, but I am always amazed at the odd shapes and colours that belong to the orchid family, tame or domestic.

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    • They’re in the house. They would never survive the winter outside – or the summer for that matter. They don’t like to be baked in the sun any more than they like to freeze. So glad you enjoyed my poem. πŸ˜‰


  1. Beautiful pics, Anneli! We love orchids over here because they are not toxic to cats. Orchids and roses are our happy flowers! The gardener used to be an orchid whiz, but now that we are in Arizona it is harder to keep them happy. By the way, my cousin is an orchid farmer!

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