Lincoln the Delinquent


Linc! Lincoln! Where are you? … Folks, have you seen my baby?


Shh! Don’t move!

Lincoln, you little rascal. Is that you?

Uh-oh…. Busted!


Heh-heh, I think I can outrun the old lady.


Searchin’ for my baby squirrel,

Lookin’ o’er de whole wide worl’.

Lincoln! Lincoln! Where are you?

See the trials you put me through.

Askin’ every dame and gent,

“Do y’all know where delinquent?”

52 thoughts on “Lincoln the Delinquent

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  1. Just Gotta love up those babes of nature. I am always putting out shelled raw almonds under the huge pine, cherry and cottonwood trees for the nesting Mothers when these babes are born so the mothers don’t have to search far off from their tree nests. One day the word got out, and we had had about 20 or so squirrels chasing each other around behind our home. Thanks for sharing the poem and pictures.

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      • In my observations of nature over the past half a Centuryโ€™s time of my life span I have seen much of Nature’s love, and within resent years I have read many hatersโ€™ as well as โ€˜Know-ersโ€™, comments in the past that’ ‘deer and animals of the forest do not posses โ€˜Love, that they are not sentient. I have watched a Mother squirrel become a fierce and very capable she warrior in her protecting her baby squirrel from a vicious Feral Tom Cat and severely wound that cat in her and her babies escape.

        ‘I have seen a nature documentary that was a study of a desert mouse and her baby. The den had a glass wall a window with a hidden video camera filming their lives. At top, the mother desert mouse would exit and rush out to capture desert beetles, for food to bring back down to feed her baby mouse. That baby mouse would patently watch his mother rush out and catch bugs. One time as the baby mouse watched, a rattlesnake stuck his mother killing her and taking her away. That baby mouse ran back down into the den, and it so tormented, leaping about in summer-saults flinging himself over and over again around in pain over the loss of his dear mother. Thatโ€™s when I realized the Humans were very wrong, and in claiming us as the top of the World in intelligence and the food chain. The Mice, and squirrels and birds, they love their babies, they cry over their lost loved ones, and they are more alive and caring than many human beings have proven themselves not to be. Donโ€™t get me wrong, all creatures of the deserts and forest and seas must eat, and eat they will, but never will I accept the false assumptions that they do not love, or that Human beings are the Greater species.’

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  2. Well, I know from my own experience, especially with my new camera, that it is spmetimes difficult to get the camera focus on the main motif, especially if, as in your pictures, there are so many branches in them. I’m still trying to learn which settings I need for the autofocus and metering in these situations.

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  3. I love this Anneli, and I love the comments you received. Thanks to Pat, I now get the de-LINC-went. Not sure I would have otherwise. Too clever! And I really enjoyed brockbuildersteel’s comment. So many ‘humans’ want to believe that their species is the only one who loves and mothers and cares for its young and others. Just plain observation can tell the real story. And beautiful photos like yours. Summertime Squirrel Watching is wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Well, I must admit that I’m still learning, and very likely will be for a long time to come. My “problem” is that if I don’y use the camera vry frequently, I forget how to get the settings I need at a certain moment to achieve a special effect. I have to look that up in the manual again.

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  5. Hahaha! That little Lincoln, “Linc” really has a funny human friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am glad that Pat pointed out the breakdown of the new word spelling’s meaning! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was relieved of trying to explain it!

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