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Every Day is a Gift


Every day on this earth is a gift. How lucky we are to see the sun rise. On some of those long rainy stretches, I  feel that we are lucky to see the sun at all.

Do you have goals for each day? Something you want to achieve before day’s end?

Why not set yourself some achievable goals for the day?

And when the day ends, what have we accomplished? Do you feel good about reaching your goals?

Why not set some more goals for tomorrow?

In the evening when they’re done, take a load off your feet and relax. Maybe you like to read? I do. I read until my eyes close and then I drift off into dreamland.

Need a good book? Try some bargain entertainment by yours truly. The book covers are pictured at the left side of the page. Just click on the images. If you want west coast drama and suspense with a bit of romance, try The Wind Weeps and then its sequel Reckoning Tide.

If you want something with a Mexican setting, follow Sylvia to Baja as she tries to escape her old life and lands in a love affair with complications. Lots of drama and suspense in Orion’s Gift.

For a love triangle in a time of war, although it’s not a war story, try Julia’s Violinist. You will love Julia.

The books are marked down for the month of July in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Did you know that if you don’t have a Kindle, you can order e-books in other formats from smashwords.com?

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30 thoughts on “Every Day is a Gift

  1. Julia’s violinist is my favourite.

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  2. Lovely post Anneli, be well! ❤️

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  3. Loved Julia’s Violinist so much. Please write a sequel Anneli.

    I have new goals..taken up golf again and what fun to practice with my many friends.

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  4. I think so too 🙂

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  5. I will be sure to buy them online! Beautiful photos, BTW!

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  6. I am also a fan of Julia

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  7. I agree – it’s good to have goals, especially ones that can be achieved!

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  8. A great reminder of your wonderful writing – and books. I have too many goals each day, and even if I reach one or two, am never satisfied because so many weren’t fulfilled. Ugh. But I’ve got Julia’s Violinist as one of my looking-forward-to goal for the summer. xo

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    • You’ve got to cut back on your goals to a realistic list or you’ll always feel frazzled. Delegate and say NO. It’s what a friend of mine is always telling me. When I listen to her I feel better. Then when I can reach those priority goals, I feel great. You are too much like me, Pam. We have to get smarter and cut back! Thanks for buying Julia’s Violinist. I hope you enjoy the book.

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  9. Wonderful post and beautiful photos! Thanks for the reminder that every day is a gift. Enjoy yours. 🙂

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  10. You too, Carol. Life is good.


  11. I was only able to order Orion’s Gift in hard cover. I cannot read Kindle as it kind of burns my eyesight. I don’t have a computer but maybe I will find these books in print, like you suggested on “smashwords.” ❤


  12. Is Julia’s Violinist available somewhere in print, Anneli? xo

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  13. The photographs in this post are truly beautiful and your words meant a lot to me. I’m not used to your being sentimental and spiritual, too. Thanks, good friend! 💫

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