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Did you know there are many varieties of lilies?  A friend brought this lily to my garden last year just before it was about to bloom. Somehow the conditions weren’t right for the bloom to last very long so I have been waiting anxiously for it to bloom again this year, so I could take its picture for posterity. The  long-hoped-for rain  arrived the day the lily tried to bloom. Would I be lucky enough to see the flowers this year? Not only did it bloom, but it graced my garden with three blossoms. I see that the first to bloom is already a little “rough around the edges” but the other two are still fresh. Notice the dark pollen on the stamens? Then please read the poem below the photo and tell me if this has ever happened to you.

Dainty lily blooms a while,

When she does it makes you smile.

But if you invade her space

Staring right into her face,

In her bloom your nose you poke,

Be prepared for Lily’s  joke.

Those who sniff her sometimes pay.

Pollen on their nose will stay.

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45 thoughts on “Lily

  1. And a lovely bloom it is, nice!! ❤️

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  2. Oh, no! I didn’t know they did that. I will make sure to keep a respectable distance. 🙂

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  3. Lilies are one of my favorites. Loved your poem, Anneli!

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  4. I too love lilies, especially white ones like yours…but I don’t take them inside because of their pollen stains.

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  5. Those are gorgeous lilies! When I was a kid, we used to use pollen from Tiger Lilies as face paint.

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  6. Such a beautiful lily, and yes, the pollen has stained a t-shirt or two. Gorgeous photo!

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  7. Lovely blooms. I have about four varieties of lilies in my garden. The rain lilies in pink and white are blooming again.

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  8. Lovely flower and poem!

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  9. Fantastic picture, Anneli!
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

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  10. This lily trio was a beautiful result from the rain (I personally sent your way. Not! 😉 ) Just teasing you, Anneli.

    I am happy you wrote this fun poem, it reminds me of an Ogden Nash. I have had this happen more than once with flowers like this.

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  11. Anneli, those are gorgeous! Love the poem. It is so true! That happened to me once!!! 🙂

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  12. Haven’t gotten it in my nose, but ON my nose, and I found I’m somewhat allergic. The pollen once left stains on a table cloth where I had gotten a bouquet as a gift for Easter (from Jocelyn, ahem, I mean MIL ;-)).

    Your lilies are blooming beautifully now.

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  13. Oh yes, I’ve been ‘pollen-ed’ by lilies many times. I love your lily; I have them gracing my house as often as possible. Outside, we have planted several different varieties in our garden, and the blooms seem to last a long time. The colors are like the sunrise…and the sunset. I like to buy a bunch of lilies for inside the house – the smell is so sweet! BUT, I need to softly take the stamen (is that the right word for the dark pollen stems inside the bloom?) off, otherwise can stain my nose and my walls and my tabletop when they fall! FUN poem, Anneli. xo

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  14. Haha, that’s cute! And so true. And the photo is beautiful. Do you know, though, that I am a little afraid of lilies when I see them? It is because I know that they are very toxic to cats, so when somebody sends me lilies I have to figure out a way to keep them from the cats–and I worry, of course. So now when I see them I get afraid. That said, there were some beautiful tiger lilies and day lilies in Michigan last week!

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    • I didn’t know that about them being toxic for cats. Probably for dogs too. Mine are inside the fenced garden so my dogs won’t get at them, but this is so good to know! If I still had my cats, I’d have to forego growing lilies, beautiful as they are.

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      • It is amazing to me that oleanders are also toxic to animals, and yet they are everywhere in the west. How do so many know not to eat them? That said, there have been many horse deaths from oleanders :(.

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        • I didn’t know that about oleanders either. We don’t have them here. I’ve often wondered how animals know not to eat them. I suppose some of the toxic plants have a bitter smell, but that’s really sad about oleanders killing horses.

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          • I know. And people keep putting them in. The gardener put one in 2 years ago to match another one. I said, “Why did you do that?!” But my opinion has little value outside since I don’t do the outdoor work haha.

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