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Cougar Kittens


Thanks to Rhonda Hanuse for sharing this photo and her story with us.

A couple of weeks ago,  Rhonda and her daughter Cheyenne were driving home near Port Hardy on northern Vancouver Island.   As they rounded a corner,  in the distance they saw what looked like a deer but wasn’t.

“What was that?”

Rhonda reached for her camera and clicked away but was too late and she only got pictures of trees. She braked and slowly pulled over to the side of the road. She turned off the ignition and opened the two front windows a crack.

Cheyenne tapped her on the shoulder. “Mom look.” She pointed to the tall grass on the side of the road. The grass swayed in a straight line. The movement stopped a short distance away.

Two cougar kittens peeked out. Rhonda took pictures through the car window.  One kitten looked toward the bushes where the mama had crossed.  The mama cougar chirped to them from the other side of the highway;  the kittens chirped back to their mom.   After a while the more confident  kitten crossed the highway.   The second kitten kept an eye on Rhonda and her daughter. It started to cross only a few steps behind the first kitten, but had to turn back quickly because of an oncoming truck.  Moments later, with mama-cougar chirps and no more traffic, the second kitten tried again and crossed safely.

For Rhonda and her daughter Cheyenne, this experience was priceless.

I’m so pleased that Rhonda agreed to share this photo and her story with us.


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47 thoughts on “Cougar Kittens

  1. What a great photo! Those cougar kittens are so cute!

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  2. Wow! Many thanks to Rhonda for sharing such an incredible story. That’s one Cheyenne will be telling her grand kids someday. Thanks Anneli.

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  4. That was an unforgettable experience! What cute kittens!

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  5. Such beautiful kitties! I’m glad kitty crossed safely. ❤️😌

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  6. Beautiful photo and I have to say I’m glad the story had a safe and happy ending! What an amazing experience.

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  7. What a great picture and experience!


  8. Beautiful babies! Are they dangerous to dogs and house cats?

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  9. Chirp, pause, traffic…wait..chirp..all clear little one! Talk about listening to Mom. The sweetest photo Anneli.

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  10. They’re in Boulder this year! We have bobcats in our neighborhood. Super cool photo!

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  11. Aw….they’re adorable. Thanks, Rhonda!

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  12. Dear Rhonda, thanks for sharing this wonderful story and the perfect picture of those so so sweet babies on Anneli´s blog!

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  13. This is an adorable photo! I love cougars. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

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  14. I like your post 😊.


  15. I’m so glad they made it across the road safely!

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  17. What a precious picture. I love living with nature, Anneli. Thanks for sharing the photo and story.

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  18. I was so glad Rhonda shared this. Wish I could have been there!

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  19. Glad you are friends with Rhonda! This would be a wonderful, dreamy experience, Anneli. Wow! Those cougar kittens look small enough, without knowing their age, I would have thought the mama cougar would have picked one at a time by the scruff of the neck and carried them each across!

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  20. How awesome to catch this sight, and to capture it in a memory shot too … such a rarity. I just got back from the country and saw wildlife I never get to see. One night, in the distance, we saw something black moving across a field. It moved stealth like a cat, but was as big as my Australian Shepherd. It was too far away to catch with a photo or even make out what kind of animal. It still bugs me that we couldn’t figure out what it was. All we could tell was that it was black with a long bushy tail. A fox? A coyote? A wolf? I wish we knew. Anyway, you’ll see where we just returned from on my upcoming post this week.

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    • Depending on where you were, my first guess would be a coyote. But it depends on how black it looked and whether that was because it was in shadow. Coyotes would look more like a colour to blend with the dry grasses. If it was night, as you said, it could have been a coyote. They would look darker then. Wolves are rarely seen, but coyotes are getting to be not as shy. Wouldn’t it be great if we could instantly snap photos of these things?!

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  21. I guess it’s National Kitten Day for me and you. 🙂

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