Beach Fishing, Anyone?

I would feel safe enough fishing from a little skiff. I wouldn’t mind the mystic, misty fog that will burn off later in the day.

But going ashore to fish from the beach has given me pause. All sorts of dangers lurk there, right next to those horse clams that squirt water through their siphons like a mini fire brigade.

Remember them, squirting water into the air? Well, just look what is going on behind their backs.What if I’d been standing on the beach fishing, and it turned out to be the bruin’s favourite fishing spot? I think I’d stay in the skiff, thank you.

But worse yet, what if you heard wolves howling the night before, you go to the beach to fish in the morning and a friend calls over to tell you he just saw a wolf running away. You go to explore, and find that wolves have taken down a good-sized deer.

A pack of wolves would tear at the hide, pulling it right off the hind quarters to get at the meat under it. I apologize to the squeamish readers, but this is real life and death–the kind of thing we Disney fans deny ever happens, when in fact it is going on all the time. It must go on. Wolves have to eat too. But you’ll excuse me if I’m not overly in love with wolves or want to transplant them to every part of the country.

Next time I’ll post something sweet and not too real. I know that for many of you this is hard to look at. I didn’t like it myself, but it’s real, it’s true, and it’s happening out there in the real world.

No, I wasn’t there that day, but the Captain was. He took these pictures.

39 thoughts on “Beach Fishing, Anyone?

    • Yes, it’s hard to look at reality for very long, but we can’t deny it’s there. Sometimes I shake my head when I hear people wanting to believe all these fairy tale ideas about wolves. Sure they’re beautiful animals, but they have to kill other beautiful animals to live.

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  1. Well, Anneli, I don’t think I’d have liked it there either, with wolves and bears around. But I’m glad the captain took so beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Have a wonderful week,

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  2. I have to pass kudos on to the captain, also. Those are incredible photos! I’m not that bothered by the photo of the carcass, but I wouldn’t have taken it. I’d be afraid the wolves were not too far away and might come back to gnaw on a bone!

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  3. I love the mystery of a mist πŸ™‚ Nature can be cruel, but the meat eaters eat, well, meat. And it doesn’t come neatly packaged from the butchers. They have to hunt and kill their prey. People eat meat too. Somebody has to do the killing and butchering, hopefully humanely.

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    • The Captain took those with his little Fujipix. I wish I could lend him my better camera but it would get wrecked, bouncing around in the skiff, getting dropped in the water. Last time I uploaded the pics from the Fuji, the camera was VERY damp, but it’s made to be waterproof. Still, I wouldn’t want my Nikon to go through what the Fuji does. I love seeing bears too, but only at a respectable distance.

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  4. I love the images of the fog and the cuddly little bear, Anneli. I do like having lots of nature around and don’t worry much about the predators, although I’m careful about the cougars when the grandchildren are about. One of my favorite sounds is the coyotes yipping outside my window at night. πŸ˜€

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    • I agree with you on all but the cuddly bear. I don’t think he would cuddle readily. Somehow a bear hug brings on a different emotion if there is any chance it could be real. But I agree, he looks cuddly. Funny thing about the coyotes yipping. It’s one of the things I love to hear when we’re camping, but I know they can be a real nuisance to farmers and ranchers. It’s all a fine balance.

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      • I was kidding about the cuddly bear. I have a healthy respect for them and keep my distance. I understand about the coyotes being a nuisance. Not around here much except to chickens, and it’s not only the coyotes that go after those. πŸ™‚

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        • I know! Isn’t that why we have teddy bears? Because they look so cuddly? The coyotes though, they’re getting so brazen, coming into the outskirts of town. My brother doesn’t dare let his cats outside lest the coyotes get them (outskirts of Calgary). The coyotes come right into the subdivisions there. Same thing in Vancouver’s outlying areas.

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  5. Beautiful photos, Anneli. I see stuff like that all the time where I live. We have to travel over 40 miles just to go to town, so we see road kill every day we go, and we have seen deer carcasses on the fish hatchery where we live plus other dead critters. I’ve become used to it. πŸ™‚


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