Bathtub Banter

Even birds need a bath now and then, but  Mrs. Golden Crowned Sparrow is astounded that her privacy is being invaded.“Go away, you junkie from Oregon,” says Mrs. Golden Crown, “and stop staring while I have my bath.”

“Such rudeness!” says the Oregon Junco. “Calling me a junkie!”

“Oh good. He’s gone. Now to wash behind my ears….”“Oh, for heaven’s sake! How can I blend into the tub when you come along and attract attention with your black soldier’s helmet?”“I can see that I’ll have to ask Mr. Golden Crown to come over to stand guard.”

“Come on, Mrs. G.C. Will ya hurry up and get out of the tub? Can’t you see this guy needs a bath? His face is quite black. You come on down here with me. I’m sure you already  smell as pretty as these flowers.”

34 thoughts on “Bathtub Banter

  1. Fun story! I’m a new follower from Susie’s Blog Party. I write about talking animals and inanimate objects in my blog, just as you do–because I believe we’re all still evolving in this crazy universe. You might want to check it out and I hope you enjoy it.


  2. Awww, I love your critter conversations! Anneli, I bet this crazy group of bloggers would purchase “critter convos” instead of real, great novels! We are an instant gratification culture who loves cute and funny animal posts. 😀 🐕 🐦 🐿 ❤

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