Going Nuts!

The hazelnuts are ripe.Some are still on the tree.

I hurry to collect them from the ground as the wind knocks them down, before the  dogs pick them up and crack their teeth trying to get into them. Hazelnuts are so tasty.

But it looks like there is even more competition for the nuts. The Steller’s jay has figured out that this is the time the hazelnuts are ripe. He scolds me as I pick up his lunch.

Another one gets wind of the news. “Did I hear you say the nuts are ripe? Forget the birdseed in this feeder then.”

“Now I just have to get down from here. Ooooh! It looks like a long way down.”

“Might as well go for it. Nothing for it but to jump. Sheesh! I hope I don’t break a leg!”

“Well, you could fly down,” I say.

“Hmpf! I knew that!”



51 thoughts on “Going Nuts!

  1. Beautiful photos and birds! Don’t let their beauty fool you, however, as their cheeky calls can be heard all over the neighbourhood! My cats are out lazing in the sunshine, and are being bombarded by these gorgeous colourful birds. It is quite entertaining to watch.

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    • Haha. I don’t think the birds would taste all that good, but the nuts do. We let them dry on a screen in front of the woodstove, but when we’re not going to be home long enough (on a holiday or whatever) we shell them and roast them in the oven and then freeze them.


    • Yes, but you have so many other things that we don’t have here. I was amazed when I realized how well the hazelnut trees grow here. I don’t think they like it really (Montana) cold in the winter, but they’ll tolerate a few degrees below freezing.

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    • As the nuts ripen they fall out of that casing, but the first ones that fall make the most work for me. The casings come off easily enough but you have to do each one. Later, after we get a couple of cold nights and a bit of wind, the nuts just drop out of the casings and fall on the ground ready to be picked up and put someplace to dry.

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  2. Before we had the big flood I used to pick the hazelnuts from my tree, together with the squirrels. Now its all gone with the high waters.
    I love your bird pictures a lot and it’s nice to read about what they think too.

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        • Yes, and yes! The eastern blue jay is rarely seen out here on Vancouver Island. I’ve seen them on our travels through Washington and Montana, and I’m sure they’re in middle and eastern Canada, but not on the coast. But we have loads of Steller’s jays. All are in the crow family (generally not my favourite birds because of their nest robbing reputation). But I think crows and ravens are the worst at that. The Steller’s jays seem to go more for nuts and berries (and potato chips if you throw them out on the grass for them to pick up). Up in the hills we also have jays (not sure if they’re gray jays?) called whisky jacks. They are so brazen around the ski hill areas they’ll come right over and sit on your hand to eat pieces of your sandwich. Sassy, saucy little birds.But the Steller’s jays have the prettiest colour, I think.

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  3. The stellar jays are so beautiful, shiny and do resemble ravens and crows. I’m so glad you explained this to Luanne.
    Your last photograph of the bird was simply gorgeous, Anneli! I liked the silly conversation and I love birds! 💞 🐦

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