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Sounds of Autumn


The sun warms my back, the wind cools my hair.

I photograph leaves that soon won’t be there.

Shushing and rustling cottonwood leaves,

Some cling to life in the stiffening breeze.

Others have flown, for the chilly night air

Has sent them a warning. “Oh trees, do beware.

The harsh days are coming; it’s time to prepare.

Your fluttering whispering dresses of gold

Must leave you alone now to suffer the cold.

But fear not, for soon you will warm up again.

New dresses will grow in the coming spring’s rain.”



The video clip is of ten seconds in Montana. The wind is rumbling a bit in the microphone and the Captain is calling Ruby with his whistle, but the main thing I love about the clip is the sound of the wind in the leaves. It’s best if you make it full screen and you can almost feel as if you are there under the trees. Be sure to turn on the sound. That’s what it’s all about.




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48 thoughts on “Sounds of Autumn

  1. Coming from Saskatchewan, I can do without the sound of the wind, thank you, but I think the picture of the tree is spectacular.

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  2. That is cool! We are having a very strong gusty wind right at the moment out of the south. It had happened like this a month ago this whole side of the river would have been on fire. Sometimes timing is wonderful!

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  3. Beautiful sound and photo, Anneli. . I was walking my dog this morning and noticed a large tree with its glorious orange and yellow colors. Its leaves began to sway in the wind reminding me to go with the flow. 🙂 Once again, this evening, through your post I remember flow. Life is full of interesting and sometimes mysterious little connections. 🙂

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  4. Nature is amazing. It seems the winds know just the perfect time to pick up and blow all the leaves off the trees. Every fall I am filled with wonder at the timing of the windstorms. I also love the photograph of the tree in this post.

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  5. Wonderful clip! It isn’t quite fall here so I’m really looking forward to seeing the leaves change colors…

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  6. Loved the video, Anneli. We’re still waiting for some color. We finally got rid of the heat and humidity.

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  7. The poem, the picture and the video – just so beautiful!

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  8. Oh, I love that sound of the wind in the trees, too. In fact, just yesterday we went hiking and I stopped to listen to that sound in person. BTW, the leaves are really slow to change here this year. Not much yet. I didn’t get any good photos of colors yesterday, cause mostly everything was still green. Don’t know if you’re in Montana now, but if so, have a great time.

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    • We didn’t go to Montana this year and really miss it! The fires, drought, and high temperatures just didn’t make it ideal for running dogs through snake-filled fields. I suppose that’s all past tense now with their chilly nights, but we’ll go next year again.
      We just love it there.

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  9. Very windy and wet here in Richmond!

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  10. Love it! This is my favorite time of year! The colors are vibrant here in Boulder now.

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  11. I loved the sound of the wind as well as the whistle. Almost to start the process…start the game….blow the whistle.

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  12. Dear Anneli,
    Beautiful work.
    I apologize! I’m following you, but you haven’t appeared in my reader for ages. Now I visited a another fellow blogger and saw your comment and followed you back home. I say good night for now, I’ll look into to your posts tomorrow. Sleep tight! 🙂

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  13. magic sounds!
    have a nice day

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  14. magic sounds!
    have a nice day

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  15. Wonderful autumn poem, Anneli. I love the cottonwoods near my parent’s home in Colorado – those fluttering leaves are beautiful… and noisy!

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  16. Fantastic! I love trees and I love wind!

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  17. I loved this so much, Anneli!
    Your words were so beautifully poetic, while the photo is stunning.
    I have been staring upwards and studying tall trees and branches, particularly with “golden dresses” on! 😉

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  18. A lovely autumnal post with autumn leaf sounds to boot. Thanks for sharing! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about autumn in case you have time to look? Sunny greetings, Sam 🙂


  19. Ahhhhhh! Your poetic rhyme is like the wind rustling in the leaves. 🍃🍂

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  20. AMAZING.!
    So beautifully written.
    Your word choice is perfect💞

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