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Quilted Table Runner


At a recent quilting retreat, I managed to finish a table runner just in time for my sister-in-law’s birthday. Here it is on her table, set with a harvest theme.Β 

Harvest time reminds us

how fortunate we are

to have the necessities of life,

and many comforts and privileges

beyond what we need.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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45 thoughts on “Quilted Table Runner

  1. This is a beautiful setting and a lovely sentiment, Anneli. Autumn is such a great time of the year. We’re sure your sister-in-law was very, very happy about this special gift.
    Have a great weekend,
    The Fab Four of Cley

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  2. Now that really looks great!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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  3. Awesome work, Anneli. The table runner looks wonderful, a heartfelt gift.
    All the best from us in Cley. x

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  4. A gorgeous table setting!

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  5. That’s gorgeous, Anneli. What a great sister-in-law you are!

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  6. Good work, Anneli! The table runner is beautiful.

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  7. I want one. That’s just my taste. Very, very nice. I’ll bet she was thrilled.

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  8. My sister-in-law has a knack for decorating so the combination was good.


  9. How beautiful! You are talented in so many areas, Anneli!

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  10. It’s beautiful and looks amazing on her table.

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  11. Beautiful, Anneli. Perfect for the season and the table. Well done!

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  12. Your display is so charming and it’s a wonderful reminder to have gratitude!

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  13. Thanks, Meg. Happy Sunday.


  14. That’s a beautiful table runner, Anneli, and a lovely quote. Simple and meaningful words have the most impact at any time. I am dreadful about leaving comments but always love to see your posts and admire your beautiful photography.

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  15. That runner is absolutely beautiful! I sure wish I had your quilting talent, but at least I feel inspired when you share yours. Your poem rings so true.

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  16. The table runner is gorgeous! Love your poem too. Amen!

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  17. Lovely table runner and accessories! How pleased she must have been to receive this gift!

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  18. Beautiful runner and perfect words to go with it.

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  19. This is a beautiful quilting example in the delightful runner you made, Anneli! She will cherish this because you made it, along with love in every stitch. ❀🍁
    Your thoughts about having more “comforts and privileges” than we need is a gem of a way of expressing this. 🌻

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