Early Winter

On Wednesday I came home from a trip to Olympia, Washington. The maple tree in my yard had dropped a thick carpet of leaves which the Captain scooped up with the mower for mulch, hence the bare driveway. 

Thursday morning started with a bluebird sky and by mid-morning, the wind changed and we had a blizzard. But the snow wouldn’t cover the ground … would it?

Before noon, this was my front yard. I was SO glad I wasn’t driving home today instead of yesterday.

And this morning the bluebird sky is back, but the mountains are white and the air is still icy cold. I put more birdseed out but I still feel sorry for the little animals that have to live outside.

I hope it isn’t going to be a harsh winter. This snow is WAY too early.

What is the weather doing where you live?

65 thoughts on “Early Winter

  1. I can understand you, Anneli, when you say it’s too early for winter, but the pictures across the water with the mountains in the background IS gorgeous!
    Here, we had – also early – our first frost [just 1 night, barely below 32] last week, but now it’s close to 8% gain! What a change. And – with that high – not really welcome.
    Enjoy your weekend,


  2. Those photos are glorious. I can understand how you might not be ready to see snow, but I’m more than ready to move off our warm temperatures — 85F/29C. There’s a front forecast for next week that may move us into the 70s, but a little cooler would be nice. We aren’t necessarily warmer than usual, but we’ve had a taste of cool, and we liked it!

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    • Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a little of everything that we like? We seem to be bombarded by too much rain and too much wind, then too much heat and too much drought, then too much cold. No moderation when it comes to the weather.


      • But so it’s ever been. The cycle of drought, flood, and blizzard certainly was present when I was growing up in Iowa nearly 70 years ago.

        On the other hand, when I lived in northern California for three years, there were times I became almost bored with so much perfect weather. All those blue skies and perfect temperatures — week after week. I started longing for thunderstorms. Thank goodness we had fog!


  3. Holy cow. Brrrr. I don’t want to think about snow yet. We really didn’t have an autumn this year. We had very little foliage and went from summer weather directly into winter temperatures. It’s cold here. We did see some light flurries over last weekend, but they only last a few minutes.

    Glad you got home safe before that snow started. Did the stuff in your yard melt yet? Is that mountain and water view from the window in your home? It’s gorgeous.

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    • Not melted yet. It’s cold again tonight. Yes, the view from our house. That’s why you see the same photo so often, and I apologize for that. But it’s an easy way to show what the weather is doing. I’m so glad I wasn’t one day later in driving home!

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  4. Wow! Beautiful photos, but waaaay too early. We are nearing the end of fall in New England. Leaves still hanging on, yet most have fallen. We’re in the 50’s with warmer days here and there. Let’s hope we don’t see snow for a long time!

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  5. Your snow was surprising but fortuitous not to have arrived a day earlier. The golden tree you included in your poem (perhaps?) Is losing her golden tresses. . . 😊
    I’m blessed, Anneli! I made it to my friend, Patrice’s and it is 80 degrees in the afternoons and a perfect cool evening time temp of 60 degrees!
    At home, Ohio isn’t too far off from these temps!

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  6. I shiver with fright when I see this. SNOW? Already/?NOOOOOOOOOOOO. In New England, we’ve had an unseasonably warm fall, and I’ve loved every day of it. Yesterday – almost 70. But today it’s 40 and the fireplace is on. I guess it’s getting closer to the ‘mean season.’ Stay warm. Your view is so outstanding.

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