Retreat – Stepping Back

In mid-October I took a step back – a retreat from the usual day-to-day living – to a beautiful location on Quadra Island, a short ferry ride from Campbell River on Vancouver Island. The occasion was the semi-annual quilting retreat for the local quilting guild.

Four days of sewing and camaraderie, in which we had no cooking or cleaning to do. Just sew and go for a walk now and then between rain showers.

The buildings are old, but the natural scenery is older and for the most part, unchanged. It was a very quiet and beautiful spot.

The quilters each bring their sewing machines and fabrics, and all their tools and supplies needed to complete their planned projects. I had several unfinished projects, and by the end of the four days, I felt I had accomplished a lot.

One of the things I did was to take the ill-fitting squares I had made a couple of years ago and try to use them in some other way. The quilt I had intended them for was not working out but I had already done so much work on the tiny red and white squares, and on the appliqued birds and flowers.

I decided on place mats and pieced them together in whatever way the squares would fit, patching places that were odd sizes.

The result was four place mats and one table center, good enough for my own table for everyday meals.

It felt good to use up the unfinished project pieces and I was happy with the results. Now all they need is a meal to be served on them.

52 thoughts on “Retreat – Stepping Back

      1. reocochran

        I’m so glad you had a vacation before I went on my own strange visit with my college friend. We didn’t go out for more than an hour or so, we had to head towards home at least a half hour before sunset. . . If she felt like there was some bad vibrations or something, we stayed inside All Day. I cried when I said goodbye because I felt my old college friend may not ever be who I used to know. . . especially next time I may see her closer to home (Ohio or Michigan.)

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  1. Anonymous

    Gorgeous place mats and center mat Anneli. I would covet them if I didn’t have a beautiful table runner made by the very same artist!
    Love the bright colors .

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Yes, we do, Pam. I felt so much better about all the things on my “everyday living, To Do list” after having time to come up and smell the roses. We all need that once in a while – just a little time-out.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Yes, I’ve gone to three of these retreats now. They do them twice a year but usually I can’t go to the one in October because we go to Montana. Too much heat and drought and wildfires this year so we stayed home and I was able to go to the retreat.

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