Large Flakes?

Looking out the window this afternoon, I saw huge snowflakes. Or were they leaves? But they were floating so easily, like snow. More and more flakes came down, and yet, not enough to say, “It’s snowing,” and besides, it was just a tad too warm. Something didn’t feel right. I went to investigate.

I picked up some of the “snowflakes” and saw that they were feathers. They kept falling from the sky. I thought of the German folk tale about Frau Holle who shakes the featherbeds (goosedown duvets, in our modern western world) in the sky and makes it snow.

I traced the path of the feathers to their origin and strained my eyes to study the top reaches of a fir tree. For a few minutes I saw nothing, but at last I made the culprit nervous.

A huge eagle took off from the tree with its dinner in its talons.

I knew from the feathers that the eagle’s meal was a duck. The harsh reality of  life and death in the animal food chain always leaves me with mixed feelings. Both are beautiful birds, but why does one have to eat the other? Couldn’t they just eat pancakes instead?



33 thoughts on “Large Flakes?

  1. I know nature dictates the life cycles of various creatures. It is heartbreaking, however, when you witness something like this and at the same time, quite incredible. As far as snow goes, I would like to see some around mid-day on the 24th of Dec and throughout the evening. Overnight on the 25th, it can go ahead and change to rain. 🙂

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  2. That’s nature – the bigger ones eat the smaller ones, even people do something similar sometimes. We all have to watch out and hide if it’s possible. Don´t feel bad eating a nice roast- or other pieces of animals, we are like pigs, we eat everything what comes on the table (at least almost all the time).

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  3. Yes, I think you’re right. People are probably worse than the animals. They kill each other, not for food or out of necessity for living but for many other reasons. And yes, we do eat a lot of other animals. I feel terrible now when I’m thinking of putting that chicken in the oven.

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  4. I know what you mean. When I was twenty years old, I stopped eating meat for the very reason of not wanting to eat pretty animals. It only lasted a couple of years, until I got married. It was too difficult to make separate meals, so I went back to meat. I tell myself it’s for survival, like that eagle. Since I changed my diet, I’m eating more protein, because unhealthy carbs were filling me up before. I don’t know how vegans do it. I get weak and tired without protein or sugar, and sugar is not good, so …. Sigh.

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