Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Remember the famous hit song by the Platters, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”?

Well, I hadn’t thought of it in years, until last night when I was watching “Endeavour” on TV with the closed captioning turned on. I often have it turned on for British shows. It helps a lot when I don’t understand the English speaking English.

One of the suspects had a cigarette lighter, possibly a clue to the murders, engraved with something to do with Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. I missed the clue and its significance because I was laughing too hard at the closed captioning. You know that closed captioning is limited in its ability to translate voice into the printed word. Well, I needed Cowboy, my late cat, to help me read the captioning for you.

Here, at the bottom of the photo, is what it said, as the police looked at the cigarette lighter’s engraving:

“They ask meow I knew … Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”

For more closed captioning fun, see my post entitled “Special Delivery.”

22 thoughts on “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

  1. wordsfromanneli Post author

    That cat has been dead nearly 30 years and I still miss him. He was very special (and not only because he could interpret closed captioning).
    Thanks for visiting, Marc-Andre. I see you love cats as much as I do.

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  2. Luanne

    Cowboy was a darling! My mother’s favorite song when I was a kid was “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.” It was from her youth in the 50s and done by somebody else in those days. She used to play it on the piano. Funny closed captioning! Also, I think that’s a good idea for the gardener. I love the British mysteries, and he complains about not understanding “a word they are saying” on some of them. I don’t have a problem, but that’s because I wait for the whole phrase before understanding. That said, I might pick up some details if we used closed captioning!

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  3. roughwighting

    We love to watch Endeavor. I keep on telling my guy we should use closed captioning, because we miss have the mumbled British-ism. But Meow, that’s a new British word for sure. 🙂 Hugs to Cowboy, in your heart and mind always. And yes, I love the song Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. However, I hate it when smoke gets in my eyes. ;–0

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      From one Endeavour fan to another, go for the closed captioning. Even if it steers you wrong sometimes, it gives you a laugh and generally helps you to understand what they’re saying the rest of the time.



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