A Good Year Ahead

It was such a beautiful morning as the sun came up today on the first day of January, 2018. I hope it’s a sign of what a good year it promises to be.

Thank you, blogging friends, for visiting my blog posts and clicking Likes and commenting. Without you, there would be no point in posting anything.

I wish you all the very best of health and happiness for the coming year.

57 thoughts on “A Good Year Ahead

  1. I see the first rays of the sun reflected on the lake just close to your shoreline. Soon it will spread its light all over the land.
    I can see the mist has already lifted. It’s cold, but there’s life in every corner waiting to be roused to action.
    A hopeful perspective for the day and for the year.

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    • It really was a beautiful morning. We sat with our coffee and watched the sky changing and with the snow, the scene seemed to be accented as it caught the bits of pink from the sun. I didn’t capture all of that in this photo but it was beautiful to watch.

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  2. Happy 2018 to you, Anneli. I love the color in your photo. A little color always make the cold more bearable, it seems — like the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down. I hope your year is sweet and satisfying, and that it’s filled with all good things for you and yours.

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  3. What a view! What a photo! Your new year will be terrific, Anneli, because YOU are terrific. I’m 3/4s through your latest book, Marlie, and feel like I know and understand your amazing environment so much because of the way you describe it in your books of fiction. xo

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    • Oh my gosh, don’t do that, John. I would miss your comments and support.
      Wordpress has done a few funny things. I’ve had several people tell me they aren’t getting notices of my posts. Also a couple of them whose comments used to appear are now having their comments sent to my spam folder. I don’t know how to unspam them permanently. I have to do it each time. Weird stuff going on! But happy New Year to you too!

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  4. Yes, also, I find it so frustrating to try to navigate around the old and the new. I really like the old one better, but now they’ve taken away the “Justify” feature on it and it doesn’t have (that I’m aware of) the feature photo option. You have to go to the new version for that. I end up doing all my work on the old one and then going to the new one for those two missing features. I suppose I should be directing this to WordPress Support instead of complaining here.

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