A Big Birthday

Some of you may remember a post I did about my mother-in-law, Myrtle, about a year and a half ago telling about her amazing walking achievements. In her 90s, she still walks about three miles a day and does all the  exercise programs available in her retirement home. To read the post, in case you missed it or want to refresh your memory, here is the link:


Today, Myrtle is 96 years old and still going strong. She knows that the secret to staying young is to keep moving.

Here is a photo of her outside her residence door just before Christmas 2017. I think she looks great.

Happy birthday, Myrtle.

96 years young today.





68 thoughts on “A Big Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Mom. We are all so impressed with how well you take care of every aspect of your life! Much love and many hugs across the miles today. XXXXXXXXXX

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  2. She is so pretty Anneli; one can see her joyful attention to the world around her and what fun she has…I am sure that her birthday captured the zest she gives to live each day to its fullest…and yes, I’m about to go walking too!….Jan xoxo

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    • Thanks for checking in from Mexico, Jan. Myrtle will be thrilled to see that people from all over the world are wishing her well. The Internet is still an amazement to her (to me too, actually). BTW, she read Marlie and loved the cover too. Your painting is so, so special.


  3. Hey there…I did send a comment but I don’t think it made it to you…she is so pretty Anneli…she knows where life is at that’s for sure…big hugs and Happy Birthday! says Jan as she sets about to put on her runners…oxoxxoxo


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  4. Myrtle looks the same to me today, as she did so many years ago when I first met her. Still vivacious, glowing, and so pretty! I would say that her good health and longevity have more to do with taking good care of herself, rather than luck. 🙂 Such a kind and sweet lady. ❤

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