Wild Winds

For days and days and days and days we lived in an atmosphere as thick as pea soup.

And then the wind picked up. It blew the fog away and delivered some hefty, hefty rain clouds. My house is near the end of that spit of land on the left, in that gap between the trees, but looking out the other way towards Comox Bay.  The beach in these photos is not far away but it gets hammered much harder by the wind.

See the foam that has piled up on the beach like whipping cream that has blown off the frothing tops of the waves.

Anyone for a little boat ride today? Surfing might be okay except for the many rocks on this beach.

This lonely seagull probably can’t decide where he wants to go but it doesn’t matter because it’s unlikely he’ll get there today anyway. He will go where the winds take him.

More foam collects on the beach. At night those fish who have legs come ashore and gather this whipping cream to put on their “sponge” cake for dessert.

“Careful,” hollers the Captain. “Stay off those logs. They’re “slicker’n snot on a doorknob,” he announces crudely.

“Aye, aye, Cap’n! Aaarrrh haaarrrh.

Brisk and wild and wonderful

The sea spray soaks my face

I gasp for air that whooshes past

With giant strength and pace.

I lift the camera in the wind

Don’t want to lose my grip

I brace myself against the sway

As if I’m on a ship.

The lens is spattered, droplets run,

No way to keep it dry.

I click the pictures anyway

And whoop and gasp and cry.

The wind is strong,  I need to hold 

The car door safely tight.

I ease inside and yell out, “Wow!

I thought I might take flight.”



57 thoughts on “Wild Winds

    • That’s funny, and I’m wishing for the warmth of Florida. If we could only share the weather. As for being on boats, I leave that to others who are tougher than me. I get so-o-o-o, so seasick. But I love being by the water.

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  1. I could FEEL and HEAR the wind thanks to your photos and prose. It’s rather exciting, being in the middle of Mother Nature’s tempest like that. But I’d like to have stayed around for a piece of that sponge cake. 🙂 Your poem is delightful. xo

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  2. I love this post! The photos are wonderful! I, too, feel invigorated (if I am dressed for the weather) when standing in a windstorm, especially on the beach. The power of nature at work. Thanks for posting this. Love it, love it, love it!

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  3. Beautiful pictures and poem. I’m reading this while at Ocean Shores in Washington state, and the wind is wild at the moment … makes your pictures even more alive. I found your post through Suzie’s “dance” party. Glad I came across it.

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  4. Your weather certainly has been dreary. The winds almost seem like a welcome change. Nice to have a change of scenery once in a while on that beach, despite the inclement weather. I think your fog blew our way yesterday. I couldn’t get over how thick. We couldn’t even see out the house window. Today we’ve got rain.

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    • When it gets as windy as what we had, it’s beyond exciting. More like terrifying. Will the trees fall on our house? Will the power go off and render our water pump useless (we are on a well)? Will the roof lift off (as it sounded like it might)? It was really a scary night and I can’t imagine how people manage with real hurricanes. As it was, our power went on and off several times overnight and the dogs were freaked out every time the smoke alarm beeped loudly to let us know it was back on. Lots of dog panting overnight. Today we have a bit (just a bit) of blue sky and a look at fresh snow on the hills.

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  5. Hey! Came here right out of Susie’s party. I love the place you live in. I agree that winters can get a little scary. Hope the scary winds subside soon and you can send us pictures and poetry about the beautiful sea, sky and the sassiness of a place like that. Stay safe!

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