Super Moon Smiles for the Camera

Yesterday, Jan. 30, 2018, the moon was as close to the earth as it would get until next month, on Feb. 27, 2018. Because it is about 26,000 miles closer to the earth on these days, the moon looks a bit bigger to us. The time when the moon is closest to the earth is called perigee.

This super moon we had yesterday, also happened to pass behind the shadow of the earth. Basically, the moon was hiding from the sun behind the earth. When it was eclipsed by the earth, the moon was only visible as a dark shadow. As  it disappeared and when it appeared again, we could see slivers of the edge of the moon.

The slight reddish tinge of the moon was made by the scattering of light by tiny particles in the earth’s atmosphere, so they also called this special super moon  a blood moon. As if that weren’t enough, when this lunar eclipse happened, it was also the second time we had a full moon in one month (the moon was full on January 1 and again on January 31),  making it a blue moon. So this moon event has more titles than a royal muckety-muck. It was a “super blue blood moon.”

I took this picture this morning about 5:45. No tripod, as I hadn’t planned ahead to take the photo. Maybe next time … but I understand it will be a very long time before all these events coincide again. Not sure where I’ll be in 2037.

43 thoughts on “Super Moon Smiles for the Camera

  1. WOW, Great picture. I saw a blood moon in 2015 while at Niagra Falls, but the weather here in Lacey, WA did not cooperate this time. I love all the scientific explanations Anneli.

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    • Thanks, Juanita. I thought of you when I took this picture and wondered if you might be out there taking a picture of the moon too. Shame about the weather getting in the way. I know you take great photos.


    • Good for you, getting up that early. I was still sound asleep at that time. It seemed to be worth the hour less sleep, so I guess I’ll wait until 2037. Be sure to remind me.
      Great shot.

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      • If I’m around, I will certainly remind you, Gladys. I was up because Emma always has to go out early and I was kind of clock watching all night, at intervals, because I didn’t want to miss the eclipse. I took the dogs out a bit earlier and watched this beautiful phenomenon in the sky.


    • I wondered if we would still be able to see it because I had noticed (from having the dogs out early) that the moon was setting sometime in the early morning. I guess you’re that much farther east that you missed part of it. At least you saw some of the event.


  2. Hi there…loved this post. I have done a painting here (Merida) called ‘Blood Moon Jazz’…it is a whimsical piece with four women paying musical instruments on the sand in front of a huge blood moon. These four women are really my granddaughters as I imagine them to be in 10 years..:o). xoxooxxo


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    • Even having a clear day here was a rare event in itself. Too bad you had cloud but as Pat said in her comment (she lives in your area too), she only caught the last part of it before it set, and most likely the clouds would have been moving in then too.

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  3. I’d been up all through the early morning to see the moon! The next evening the moon was super bright and clear. I had thought I had left the porch light on and it was the moon! Super cool. Your shot is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Here’s to next time! 🙂

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