Snowy Quilting Retreat

As I left home to drive to the quilting retreat last week, it happened to be a rare sunny day and the Comox Glacier on Vancouver Island was looking fine after many  fresh coatings of snow during the past weeks. At sea level we were all complaining about the constant rain this winter, but up high, it was building up the snow on the glacier.

My friend and I arrived at the lodge on Quadra Island and unloaded our sewing machines and all the many boxes of fabric and sewing supplies we would need for the next four days.

We unloaded our bedding and personal items in our assigned rooms and then got busy setting up the machines to sew. After that it was a marathon of sewing.

Here is the project my friend was working on. She designed it herself and has done a beautiful job of it. I’m only sorry that my photo doesn’t do it justice.

I worked on small projects like bags,

and a table runner (the one hanging at an odd angle on the end).

Another quilter who sat nearby, had some gorgeous fabric that she was using to build a quilt. Here is the first phase of it.

It drizzled a bit the first two days but then it cleared enough for us to take a short walk. The next day it was like Christmas. Snow!

Even from inside the lodge, you could tell it was snowing heavily outside.

The next day it was all gone again and we were ready to drive home. What a surprise we had when we arrived home to find more snow.

And to think that ten days ago I was having thoughts about gardening. I think this year I might be planting snowballs.


58 thoughts on “Snowy Quilting Retreat

  1. Dina

    Vancouver Island has always been high on my list. Beautiful snowy mountains, Anneli.
    Amazing what you all achieved in four days. I’m hopeless, can’t do any sewing apart from mending little bits, but I’d love to do something like this with photography as a topic. It is great fun being in a community only concentrating on this main topic and learn from each other.

      1. Dina

        I’m sure it will be. At the moment I’m enjoying Annie Leibovitz’ Masterclass online. Very nice and comfortable in front of the fire 🔥 🤗

  2. Peter Klopp

    You should have a look at some of the photos I publish on Wednesday’s photos to get glimpse of the severe winter conditions we have in the interior of BC (-12 degrees this morning). Your quilts were a delight to look at. Thank you for sharing those loverly images!

  3. Ursula

    You worked hard those few days. The table runners are very beautiful, I love the colours a lot. And those bags! Makes me wanting two of them right now! The black one and the grey one are a dream! Very nice pictures!

  4. D. Wallace Peach

    That looks like a lot of fun. I love quilting, but usually it’s by myself. I’d love to do it with others. Wonderful photos, Anneli. We got snow too over the weekend and again this morning. Winter’s last hurrah, I hope. 🙂

        1. wordsfromanneli Post author

          I didn’t either until my friend who does a lot of beautiful quilting suggested I should go with her and join the quilters. I thought you had to be an expert but that isn’t the case. They are very supportive and helpful and it’s so much fun. The local guild puts on demos and there’s always something new and interesting to learn. Also little workshops are available that are fun and inspiring.

  5. Anonymous

    Lots of gorgeous talent at the retreat Anneli. We could use a quilt or ten right now in Lacey. Much snow with forecast for all day .

    The bags you were able to make, while doing so many other things, are perfect. Thanks for sharing so many photos.

  6. Sonja Forrester

    What a perfect location for watching the snow fall gently onto the mighty boughs of the evergreens. Talk about inspiration to create beautiful things. Love your photos of the surrounding nature and also of the beautiful creations made by the quilters.

  7. Lori

    I love those earthy-brown quilts. Those are my colors.

    Oh the snow! Yes, we had a lot of it here too. But, today we got rain, rain and more rain. Unusual for February here. It’s melting off the snow.

    So glad it snowed and went away before you had to drive back home. Is it very far from where you live? How often do you do these retreats now? Glad you get to do these things you enjoy.

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      It’s about 40 miles with a ferry ride between to go to the retreat which happens twice a year. I can usually only go once because we go to Montana at the same time as the fall retreat. Send us some of that rain please. I’ve had enough snow now.

  8. mycountryepoque

    Thank you Anneli for sharing your quilting project and the heavy snow at the same time. Your pictures are beautiful. I am keen quilter and I love quilting, when I start I don’t want the day to end, I just keep going on with the pieces of fabric until time dies out on me haha. I love working with fabrics, isn’t it fantastic? Keep sharing your sewing and crafts, I would like to see more of them. Have a wonderful week!

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Wonderful to meet another quilter. I love quilting but I still have so much to learn. This is another benefit of the quilting retreats. The ladies are so willing to help each other and share their expertise. Thanks for visiting my blog, Juli.

  9. reocochran

    I was in Heaven looking at the beauty in the handmade quilts, Anneli. I am out of visiting “order” but last time I visited I had three grandies overnight so many interruptions!
    Your table runner is both stunning and moving. I like the wild animals and how you used other rectangular “squares,” to create a bold design.

    I am not really sharing on my blog but sadly, my son’s wife has had an increase of child support for my two oldest (step) grandchildren (her first husband’s $) and has decided to divorce my son after ten years of marriage. He is the only bread winner, he is distraught and depressed. So, he is living with me in my one bedroom apartment! Lots of personal information but we are friends. I know this will sort of explain my absences as this is so upsetting and distracting. Thank you and will continue backwards. 🙂

  10. Kathy Troutman

    It looks like a great place for a quilt retreat, I enjoyed you photos and your post. I am a quilter as well. It is a one of my passions.


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