Hard Times

The ferry route from Quadra Island to Vancouver Island can get quite sloppy during tide change. No problem for the ferry, but I sure wouldn’t have wanted to be out there in a small boat.

Heading home from the quilting retreat, I was surprised to see more and more snow, the farther south I got.

When I arrived in Comox, the field near the estuary was covered in snow … and geese. I counted about 230 geese in this field. I pulled over and quickly snapped a few pictures without even getting out of the truck. Sorry they are blurry. When taking pictures, “Hurry makes blurry.”

I noticed as I drove away, that there were a few trumpeter swans  with the Canada geese, but the photo doesn’t show them, as they were at the far end of the flock. But there were several other geese among the Canadas, too.

Do you see the white blobs in the front of the photo?

Five snow geese were foraging for food along with the Canada geese. They didn’t seem to mind each other. All were concentrating on digging under the snow for grass roots. Their usual dinner plate, the grain field, was mostly covered with snow, and they needed to find something to keep up their strength in this cold weather.

This photo is especially blurry but it shows how desperately the geese are foraging, searching under the snow to get at the grass and roots for any nourishment they can find. Only the goose in the front of the photo is not feeding at the moment, but she probably had to stop to warm up her bill after having it in the icy ground for so long. Hard times for the animals.


26 thoughts on “Hard Times

  1. Yes, hard times during winter for all animals and people too. I do what I can with feeding the birds that stay here over the winter and they are thanking me by looking very round and happy. Hope spring comes soon for all of us!

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  2. The water was certainly high and seemed dangerous, Anneli! I am glad you are home safe and sound. I felt bad for the geese, I do all the time wonder if I would mind lying in snow, paddling my webbed feet through icy waters to dunk my head under to get a fish! Wow, we are so blessed to be human, (even though we tend to be mean and ugly, in our dispositions.) I need to go see your quilting posts!! 🙂 ❤

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    • It’s a narrow passage there. That’s why the tide runs so fast and sometimes when the wind blows one way and the tide goes the other, it can be quite choppy there. But as pertains to the geese, I think they are just one more species that struggles to get through the winter. I wouldn’t want their life.

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