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The Helpers


After the (hopefully) last snowfall, the Captain uses the wood splitter to split the firewood into sizes that would more easily fit into the woodstove. The “helpers,” Emma and Ruby, do their best to be useful.

Ruby packs pieces of firewood to various places in the yard, while Emma checks the place over for mice and rats.

Something has been here under this old pile of lumber. Emma gets right into her work of flushing out the “something.”

The dirt flies everywhere, but a lot of it sticks to Emma’s once shiny coat.

Whatever had been there, must have moved. Emma tries the other side to block off its escape route.

Finally, the Captain calls, “Okay, that’s enough. Look at you. So dirty!”

They find a chunk of wood and help with the firewood job again.

While the Captain rests in a nearby lawn chair, he takes off his gloves.

Two sets of dog ears perk up (as much as floppy spaniel ears can perk up).

“The gloves are off” has a different meaning for these guys. They are alert and eager to retrieve any gloves that may soon be flying around the yard.

“Here I come! Look at me!” says Emma.

“Do it again, Dad!”

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32 thoughts on “The Helpers

  1. OMG That looks way too wintery to be any fun. Emma is certainly determined.

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  2. Ha. Dogs seem to love it when we go work out in the yard with them out there, too. They’re so cute. Too cold to hose Emma down of dirt. 😛 Do you have a fenced yard, or are the dogs trained to know where the property line ends?

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  3. What a wonderful environment and lovely company 🙂
    Cheers !

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  4. They look like good little helpers! Nice action shots, Anneli. 🙂

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  5. Pretty good when he can split wood and entertain two dogs at the same time!

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  6. Die zwei sind so fleißige Helfer. 😉 Und so süß. ♥
    Liebe Grüße,

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  7. Looks like the whole family has fun while working. I love your shots!

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  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful scene, Anneli.

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  9. They are such fun!!! Your babies are so beautiful! What are those balloon things hanging on the woodpile?

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    • Those are “Scotchmen” (floats) for the fishboat. They are often used as “bumpers” on the sides of boats to stop other boats from crashing into the side of a docked boat. Their main purpose is to be used as markers (floating in the ocean) to show where a halibut longline might be located. They often break off in bad weather and wash up on the beach. Halibut fishermen have plenty of them aboard and use them as bumpers, and other fishermen often pick them up off the beach when they find them to use them as bumpers for the sides of the boat. You’ll see them hanging on the sides of boats.

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  10. Those dogs are a lovely bunch. Certainly good to have around.

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  11. Awww! This was so sweet how Emma and Ruby feel they are “helping” with the wood and how Emma is making certain no varmints escape her!
    The Captain sure works hard! This winter scene made me realize how busy his life is during fishing season and then, now I can picture his keeping the home fires burning, Anneli.

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