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Help Arrives



Early yesterday morning, the skies were clear with a hint of spring in the fresh air. Our neighbours’ willow tree was welcoming a change of seasons. I had taken the dogs out into the yard. As I stood, enjoying the stillness, I realized it wasn’t still at all. Two sea lions called to each other, perhaps to claim their territory among the schools of herring  off the nearby beach. I love the deep sound of their barking, “OW! OW! OW!” I smiled to think that they were back to visit for a while. I know the herring fishermen don’t smile to see or hear them, but …

Before I could stop smiling, I heard, for the first time this year, a Eurasian collared dove calling from a stand of trees nearby.

Yes, spring is coming! Then a robin called its urgent pipping song, and a rufus-sided towhee added his two cents’ worth, asking, “ME? … ME?”

Later in the morning it was time to clean up the yard for the fourth time, after yet another windstorm. As I raked, I came across a circle of tufts of fur lying on the grass in the same place as the feathers of an eaten seabird lay a few months before. Both were under a tall fir –  the favourite tree stand for birds of prey, especially eagles and owls. These birds sit quietly and watch for their dinner to pass by underneath.

Ruby sees the rabbit fur and is most likely thinking about what probably happened here.

Will you look at that? No way he survived that much hair loss.

Ruby is shocked. She ponders the implications of losing a rabbit at this time of year.

Will there be an Easter? Who will paint the eggs and hide them?

But just as the sun was sending its last warm rays to light the underside of the clouds, I looked towards the hedge and saw ….

Reinforcements! He stands bravely under the killing tree and announces to the world:

Easter will go ahead as planned. And you owls, listen up. You can NEVER kill us all. Where there are two rabbits, there will soon be two thousand.

“Now if you’ll excuse me,” he says, “it’s less than a month until Easter and I have some serious work to do.”

Author: wordsfromanneli

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54 thoughts on “Help Arrives

  1. Great photos! I love the sunset, and Ruby is one gorgeous dog!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awesome pics. Makes one almost believe spring really is on the way.

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  3. Great story! That bunny knows what’s up. And that is a great portrait of Ruby. You really should frame that.

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  4. Wonderful Post 🙂
    Thank you.
    Cheers !

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  5. Oh, I love this, Anneli. The bunnies will unite. Easter and spring will arrive. Here in New England the first sounds of spring are the peepers, the frogs in the swamps. They chant at dusk, and let me tell you, that first collection of peeps from the swamp is a joyful late March sound. Your photos are wonderful and complement your post. Help does arrive! Thank you. 🙂

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  6. Thank you for being such a vigilant companion Miss Ruby Tuesday

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  7. Hahaha. See, Ruby, all is well.

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  8. I like your picture story very much. Very creative and entertaining, Anneli!

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  9. wow. great post, loved this. the pussy willow photo was gorgeous, the sunset divine, Ruby awesome. very funny 🙂 cheers!

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  10. Keep on talkin’ to ’em. They probably understand you 🙂

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  11. Lovely pre-spring post! Ruby and the rabbit are beauties.

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  12. Aw…poor Ruby looked so concerned. I’m counting down the days with you, Anneli. Bring on spring!

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  13. Awww Thank you for bringing the sounds of the approaching spring.

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  14. What a lovely Monday post for me to read this morning! Thank you and enjoy your unfolding spring.

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  15. Nice to see the early signs of Spring. Lovely shot of Ruby and the sunset and nice to know the poor rabbits have reinforcements😏

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  16. How refreshing Anneli, to enjoy your blog and see spring evolving in pretty pussywillows, lovely sunsets , beautiful animals, Ruby and bunny. Springtime is sounds, and smells. Can hear the sealions and robins.


  17. I just have to add, Ruby has great ear fur.

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  18. If the rest of us die by way of catastrophe or disaster, the rabbits and mosquitoes will surely still survive. ;-0
    Ahhh, love the photos and the hints of spring. We got 13 inches of snow on Thursday and power/internet still out. It’s still winter here. BUT!!! I spied two bluebirds on our suet feeder this morning. That made me so hopeful….

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    • Oh, no! I’m so sorry you have more snow. You’re so right about the rabbits and mosquitoes. Add the housefly to that list. I remember seeing the first bluebird in the spring and feeling hopeful when we lived in northern BC. We don’t get bluebirds here on the island. At least, if we do, they are a rare thing. They’re such pretty birds! I hope things warm up for you soon.

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  19. This brought a huge smile to my face and Ruby is totally adorable!

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  20. This is such a beautiful post. I love the photography; you’ve captured the sights and sounds of Spring!

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  21. Poor Ruby looks puzzled and worried! This is a beautiful post starting with the signs of Spring, “help is on the way!”
    I didn’t realize you could hear the sea lions from where you live, Anneli. How exciting this must be. I like how you included birds and pussy willows! 💞

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