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What is it with camo-gear? Isn’t it for disguise?

Every once in a while I see children (and sometimes adults) wearing camouflage clothing around town and I have to wonder what they’re hiding from?

Animals have natural camouflage, traits that have evolved  over thousands of years. I can understand that. Man copied the idea and used it during WWl. Okay, if we must have war, camo is smart.

To be properly camouflaged you have to try to blend in with the colours around you. Sand coloured khaki for the desert, dark blue or gray on rocky terrain. But by far the most popular style of camo-clothing is the kind with splotches of olive green, brown, and beige.

In the Vietnam war, camo-gear was everywhere and has been popular ever since. But has the marketing gone a bit too far? In many cases I have to wonder, what is the purpose of wearing or using camo-gear?

For civilians, there seems to be little reason to wear camouflage.

Two sensible exceptions come to mind:

1)      hikers, who may want to hide so they can see more animals while out on a nature walk, and

2)      hunters, trying to hide from animals they are stalking.

But, for both hikers and hunters, the use of camo-gear can backfire.

Relatives of a lost hiker may report to Search and Rescue that their loved one was last seen wearing camo-clothing. Please search for a large cluster of leaves that isn’t one.

Hunters in camo have the same problem, but they have one advantage. With their excellent disguise, they may be mistaken for a game animal, so for safety, they often sport blaze orange sleeves on their camo-shirt or a bright orange brim on their camo-cap. Now they can be spotted easily if they get lost and at the same time, avoid being shot.

But wait! Am I missing something here? What was the point of wearing the camo-clothing in the first place?

Now we come to the rest of the camo-gear. We have all kinds of accessories in camouflage colours: backpack, flashlight, knife, shotgun case, shotgun stock, even the barrel in some cases.

Imagine the scenario: The hunter sets down his gear to take a break, to retie the laces of his camo-boots, or camo-runners, or to have a drink from that camo-flask of water he can’t find just now. He set it down here somewhere….

He checks his camo-watch, decides it’s getting late. He sets his shotgun down on the ground for safety while he climbs carefully over the barbed wire fence. He’ll just hunt this one last field and call it a day. Once on the other side, he adjusts his camo-pack and reaches for his gun. But where is it? Quick! There’s a bunch of pheasants getting up out of the tall grass. Where’s the damn gun? Too late, he finds it perfectly hidden, right in front of his eyes.

Tired out, he comes home at last after tromping incognito through miles of fields. He strips down to his underwear and crawls into bed for a quick late-afternoon nap. What’s this? Camo-underwear? Is he hoping his wife won’t find him in the bed and kick him out to have a shower first?

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42 thoughts on “Camo

  1. Very funny treatment of camo-clothes! I love the sarcasm that you are pouring out on the modern day absurdities in the world of fashion.

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  2. I’ve never understood why camo has become a fashion statement either, or why so many accessories that will fit into a pocket are camo coated.

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    • Me either. Maybe city people wish they could be true outdoorsmen and this is as close as they will get. But the “fashion” industry has really gone overboard in selling things in camo that can easily get lost if dropped.

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  3. If you ever figure out what makes something become popular you’ll be richer than Oprah!

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  4. LOL You wouldn’t be talking about anyone you know, would you???

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  5. In the U.S. West Virginia, I think kids are born with it on.

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  6. Your last question was classic, Anneli! Too funny!

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  7. I can do you one better — not that we’re competing, of course. Stil. Can you believe this? Camo and cream ice cream, and now PINK camo and cream. I swear!

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  8. While mushroom hunting we see a lot of people in this camo outfit. I prefer to wear something bright so the hunters don´t shoot me. I always have to laugh when I see them in town, shopping on Saturday-morning. Some people are just nuts! I love this blog post – LOL.

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  9. Ha! (I don’t have camo underwear. Near to check it out)


  10. Morons.
    They are everywhere.
    Luckily, sometimes we can not see them, because………. 🙂

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  11. You really have to wonder…😊

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  12. I totally chuckled about City folks wearing camo, also about the hunter misplacing items with camo pattern on them. That last one cracked me up so much!
    On the serious side, as someone who doesn’t like war, when someone asked me to do a baby name picture (pen and ink with watercolor) I didn’t really want to do this. I suppose they were hunters and then did end up designing a picture. I just never copied it like I usually do for my portfolio.


  13. LOl Anneli. Next time I spot someone in a camo gear, I am surely gonna laugh out loud. And I must admit that I do spot a lot of people wearing them. Everywhere…

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  14. 🤣🤣🤣 this is hilarious!

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  15. I think I know another reason why men wear a camo in a city. They want to show how tough they are, and they are sort of members of a community, for example, hunters or former militaries.

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