A Winner!

This card is copyrighted to Andy McKay and sold at Trader Joe’s. I’ve printed his caption under the picture. I could SO relate to this scenario.

After vacuuming the living room, he waited for his medal.

But just so I don’t come across as too mean and snarky, I must add that the Captain provided his family with the fixings for a fine dinner tonight, even cooking the halibut, trout, and salmon himself while I made up the rest of the dinner.

So maybe he really does deserve a medal.

29 thoughts on “A Winner!

  1. Ursula

    I wish we would have this beautiful fish on our table. We can´t get such quality fish here. “Lecker”!
    And yes, the Captain deserves a medal!


  2. roughwighting

    Oh my gosh, that cartoon is hysterical! I wanted to immediately send it to my daughter, since her husband never saw a vacuum that he liked. On the other hand (and so similar to the captain), for my ‘birthday’ dinner last night, my son-in-law made his home-made Flounder Burritos last night, with his own coleslaw and steamed yellow beets. Now that I think about it, perhaps I should give him a medal! 🙂

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  3. debiriley

    very cute! my guy vacs, I mop. LOL and the FISH, I miss the fresh caught salmon wow! and halibut, yummmmmm……. on my way now!!
    and where is the butter dipped dungeness, i been craving?
    hungry. so very hungry Anneli…. LOL loved the post!

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