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Orchid Obsession


My friend Ariane and I went to a nursery in Puyallup, Washington, today. Their orchid display was beautiful. I had left my camera behind, but thankfully, she had her Iphone with her and took these photos for me.

The amazing thing about orchids is that they come in such a variety of colours, shapes, and designs, and yet they are still all part of the orchid family.

The antagonist in my novel “The Wind Weeps” is a disturbed man. One of his quirks is an obsession with orchids. These flowers are expensive and perhaps he thought he could “win the girl” by impressing her with a bouquet of orchids. They are not flowers that lend themselves to making a bouquet, but does he care? They are expensive and will impress her, he thinks.

In spite of the man’s obsession with orchids, I still love these flowers.

By the way, if you want to download the e-book of “The Wind Weeps,” it is free for Kindle on amazon (just type in the title) and also on smashwords.com if you have an e-reader other than Kindle.

Very important:

The sequel to The Wind Weeps is called Reckoning TideΒ (also available at amazon and at smashwords). At $2.99, it won’t break the bank, but it will break the spell and tell you what the ultimate ending will be.

Read them and find out the fate of the disturbed man with the orchid fetish.

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35 thoughts on “Orchid Obsession

  1. Wow. I understand the obsession.

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  2. Anneli, thank you for the education on Orchids! Great photos by your friend, thank you friend. πŸ˜¬πŸ’•

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  3. Beautiful photos! I might have to keep them in my photo collection on my PC. πŸ™‚ One question, is the second pic really an orchid variety? It looks so much like a “star magnolia”. Hmmm, I must do some checking to ease my mind. Ha ha ha. Just gorgeous pics! πŸ™‚

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    • Yikes! Sonja, you’re right! We saw the star magnolias outside and Ariane took a picture as we were going to the car. She sent it along with the orchid pictures. Good eye!! I’m going to remove it now. Thanks for spotting it!


  4. Great photos. πŸ™‚

    An orchid obsession is a great thing for a fictional creep to have – it sets up a nice literary dichotomy. πŸ™‚

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    • Oh, he was a creep all right. It bothered me even as I wrote it, knowing that it’s ridiculous to have a “bouquet” of orchids, but I reminded myself that he was crazy and wanted to impress with the expense of bringing her such a thing.

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  5. Simply fabulous photos!

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  6. Such lovely blooms and so colorful. Thank you for the free download Anneli. Gonna read it soon.

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  7. Beautiful photos, Anneli! I have two orchids at my office and although I don’t put much into their care, they are stunning. Thanks for the free download…I’ll certainly check out both book…congratulations!

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    • Thanks, Jill. I appreciate you reading the books. As for the orchid care, I’ve learned that what works for me is to put two ice cubes on them once a week, so I do it on garbage day. By connecting it with something I don’t want to forget, it works for me.

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  8. Exotically exquisite πŸ™‚ Since I learnt, I think it was through one of your orchid reblogs. that they only need the equivalent of 1 ice-cube’s worth of water a week, my one and only has been very happy πŸ™‚

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  9. These are beautiful photos. A very instructive post, Anneli. Also thanks for the free download on Kindle of The Wind Weeps. Have a happy day. πŸ™‚

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  10. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of orchids. I have three in my bedroom, but they’re pretty standard compared to the ones in your photos. No matter what, I love them. They have minds of their own.

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    • I’m trying to build up my collection and am always looking for the most unique ones. I like the green and white one that has strange markings. Would love to buy one of those one day.


      • I wonder if you might consider having a greenhouse constructed on your property, near your garden? Imagine the possibilities! Not only for an oasis for orchids, but also for starting all kinds of plants. Just one catch, please do not send me any orchid bouquets. Ha ha ha ha. Again, I enjoyed your post and Ariane’s photos.


    • And you never know if one might have a special story to tell on your blog. Feel free to use any of the orchid pictures if you want to do that.

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  11. Beautiful flowers!

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  12. My lovely Orchid, thanks to Trader Joe’s, is thriving due to three ice cubes weekly and defused sunlight. Not much of a gardener but Orchids seem to forgive in my home.

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  13. Orchids are just one of nature’s beautiful things that take my breath away. I confess that I always have at least two orchid plants in my home, and I admire them every day. I remember how you use the β€œorchid gifts” in your book The Wind Weeps. I’m lucky because I’ve read both books in that series! πŸ‘πŸ€—

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