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Farmers’ Market


The Farmers’ Market in Olympia, Washington, was full of interesting things to see, but although we are officially into spring, this March day was particularly cool. An icy wind blew through the open-air building. Spaced around the corridors were heaters that attracted shoppers who huddled near them to chat for a few minutes before moving on.

Some of the merchants had heaters set up right in their own selling space. See the tall heater on a post above the lady selling baked goods? Notice one of the customers walking by wearing a warm jacket? It was a COLD day!

The lady who sold lavender products wore her quilted jacket zipped up to the top.

What a wonderful assortment of organically grown mushrooms. No problem keeping them chilled.

The girls selling homemade jams were happy. But no wonder! Do you see the heater on the left, glowing and sending out warming rays?

For a brief moment I contemplated buying a treat for my little dog, but then I realized that these bones are bigger than she is.

And that price is in U.S. dollars  – $14.00 for each bone. For a Canadian, that’s a hefty chunk of change, and even if I were to “bite the bullet” and splurge on my dog, and if I were allowed to bring it across the border,  I would probably frighten her with it.

They must have some awfully big dogs here in the United States. 

There is much more to see at the Farmers’ Market, but that will be for another post.

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39 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market

  1. Maybe those big bones were for soup?


  2. Sounds like a wonderful place, Anneli!


  3. Gosh, that is pricey for a bone! Looks like a great place, Anneli.

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  4. Cool photos! Pun intended. You can stuff items in your trunk and not declare them on the way back. Or not! 🇺🇸🇨🇦

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  5. Very different farmers market, looks so cozy there. This bone must come from a mammoth? Definitive too large for your dogs! Nice pictures.


  6. What an unusually cold March we had! I am surprised they needed heaters for the sellers’ stalls. A farmer’s market is always an exciting place to be.

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  7. Those are some amazing bones! I am making chicken bone broth right now. A lovely thing to cook, from my perspective, since I can just sit here and ignore it for 24 hours hahahaha.

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  8. I enjoyed this visit to Olympia’s Farmer’s Market, Anneli. Those folks in the northwest are hardy people, and it’s good that they had a few heaters up to stay warm. Looks like a lovely market.

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  9. I love farmers’ markets, Anneli, but I’ve never seen a huge bone like that! Dinosaurs. I don’t know if my dogs would know what to do with it!

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  10. At least they save on refrigeration. Ha! It looks cold there. We’ve been all over the place in temps and it snowed several times last week. Today? 73 degrees!!!

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  11. fun and delicious! loved the Oly Markets! used to go there lots….

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  12. Looks like fun. Ours start up in May…

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  13. Looks like a wonderful place to go and do a bit of browsing and shopping! Love those farmer’s markets. 🙂

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  14. This store looks and feels like a place I’d love to be. You captured the essence.

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