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Baby Robin’s Regimen


My mother says I have to learn to preen and groom myself. She’s sitting up in the walnut tree, watching for danger while I fix up my feathers.

I’ll start with my throat and shoulders.

Then the right armpit …

and the left armpit.

Looks like that one needs a better job done on it. I think I broke out in a sweat when that crow flew over. Better give myself an extra preening there.

What are you looking at? Can’t a bird have any privacy?

Oh, I see! You think I made that mess on the fence rail? I have no idea how that got there.

Just check that shoulder again.

Now this one is really tricky. You have to be able to bend a lot. No problem for me!

One last good stretch to help my wing muscles grow,

and I’ll be soaring with the falcons. Well, maybe not the falcons, but soon I’ll be able to keep up with mom and dad.

Here I go!


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37 thoughts on “Baby Robin’s Regimen

  1. Incredible photos. Thanks for sharing them and the story of what’s happening.

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  2. Great pictures! The little ones are so cute. None have hatched here yet, but there ia a lot of nesting going on.

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    • This was one of the very few who survived the daily maraudings of the crows (so far, at least). They don’t stand much of a chance here. The crows know where to find easy pickings. But I enjoyed watching this little fellow. Far too trusting for his own good though.

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  3. Wow! Fantastic set of amazing bird poses!

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  4. Great pics. He’s quite the contortionist.

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  5. Love it! Great shots and humor…:)

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  6. I loved this, Anneli! Your photos remind me that I need to buy that camera. Great shots!

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  7. These photos are darling! I love robins! Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots! 😀

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  8. Very nice Anneli. I find a lot of young animals are curious and aren’t quick to run/fly away.

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  9. Wonderful to see all the preening poses of this young American Robin, Anneli. A nice healthy new robin.

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  10. Skinny little chap, isn’t he (or she)? Do they get fatter? I’m waiting for the first of our (British) robin babies to show themselves. They’re very different from yours. 🙂

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  11. Hope his preening kicked in his life savvy genes too!

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  12. Beautiful photos, Anneli. You’ve really captured the personality of this young robin. Yes, I hope he/she makes it too.

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  13. Absolutely Lovely 🙂

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  14. Natural Photos are appreciated; the dialogue is so fun to hear what the robin is probably thinking. Just finished”The Art of Racing in the Rain”. Dog dialogue – heartwarming! You could have written this excellent book my friend.

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  15. Ohhh, love the photos and the robin’s commentary, Anneli. Such a sweetie. I hope she took off with aplomb.

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