My garden had a lot of volunteers this year, especially the poppies. So many stuck their heads up when I called for help in the jungle of my garden, that I couldn’t decide which ones to choose and which to deny. Here are two,  the first of many that I hope to post as time goes on.

I’m royal purple says the queen,

Most regal that you’ve ever seen.

I come from tall and stately stock,

My “white and purple” says I rock.


I’m one of those from Flanders’ Fields

Remembered well, my power shields

The fallen from forgotten sleep

As every year, I watch do keep.

33 thoughts on “Volunteers

  1. Marsha

    Always magical to see what will blossom that we did not plant. Birds give us many of our “drop in” flowers. Your poetry is the sparkle on the flower’s show.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      I remember our teacher reading us the part where they walked through the field of poppies and got sleepier and sleepier. I was so worried that they would fall asleep forever before they got through the field. Good tension building by the author, eh?

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