Humming and Buzzing

Who’s that humming such a happy tune? Oh! It’s my friend Humphrey.

“Thanks for planting these red hot pokers,” he says. “I love the sweet nectar in them.”

“My long beak and even longer tongue are ideal for reaching down into  these petals shaped like tubes.”

“But, look out Humphrey,” I call to him. “A dangerous character is heading right for you.”

“Eeeee! Thanks for the heads up,  Anneli. These guys usually mind their own beesness. Still, I have to be careful or I could get stung.”

“Maybe he’ll pass right over my wings.”

“Look over your shoulder, Humphrey!”

“Oh no-o-o-o! Here he comes again. Buzz off!”

(You’ll have to look hard to see what’s over Humphrey’s shoulder.)

“I know you’ll think I’m a coward, but I’m going to hide for a minute. These guys can be dangerous. Their sting can pack quite a wallop for a little guy like me.”

“You can come out now,” I tell him. “I think he’s gone.”

“Thanks for watching out for me, Anneli,”  Humphrey hums between slurps of red hot poker syrup.

“Well, take it easy on the dessert, Humphrey. You’re starting to get a little belly.”

“Ha ha, very funny.” Humphrey sips  as fast as he can, then suddenly stops and glances down to his right. “Oh no-o-o-o-o. I thought I heard him buzzing. Here he comes again!”

“Bzz-bzz-bzz,” says the little critter. “I’m just beeeeing a beeee.”

Do you see him?



36 thoughts on “Humming and Buzzing

    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      Thanks, Pit. The hummingbirds always liked the red hot pokers. I have to tell you a little anecdote because you’ll understand. In German, the hummingbird is called a Kolibri. When I was a child, I was trying to tell my mom one day (in German), “I saw a … (and I couldn’t think of the word ‘Kolibri,’ but was thinking ‘hummingbird’), and it came out, “Ich habe einen Hummer gesehn.” Of course when I told her it was flying around, we both laughed because I realized I had said the word for “lobster.”


      1. Pit

        Good morning, Anneli,
        Now I’m smiling and thinking of flying lobsters. 😀 I know of these things, when you’re kind of living in two languages. Your example is a really funny one.
        I hope that we’ll have some hummingbirds soon, and that I will be able to get them with my camera.
        Have a wonderful day,

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  1. Marsha

    I think the hummingbird is a Humphretta, that’s not a beer belly. Certain you’ll find a nest in your camelia bush? Enjoy your colorful flowers and a rainbow of dialogue.

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    1. wordsfromanneli Post author

      The hardest to see is where the hummingbird is turning to look over his shoulder at the bee, but I needed that picture in there (blurry as it was). The others were a bit better for focus, but those wings are VERY fast and hard to capture. But good for you, for finding that elusive bee!

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