All Spruced Up

Did you know that the Colorado Blue Spruce is the state tree of Colorado? I did not know that, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. This tree is amazing on so many levels. It is tough and prickly, and in the plant world, that spells survival.

Have you ever tried to touch one, or pull on it? Ouch! The Latin name “Picea pungens,” means a spruce (or type of pine) that is prickly, puncturing, or stinging. Just touch one and you’ll see what I mean.

They make a great wind break when planted as a hedge and they tolerate cold temperatures. They are listed as a Zone 2 plant, which allows for very cold weather. No wonder Colorado likes it.

The Colorado spruce in this photo is actually in my neighbours’ yard. I zoomed in on it when I noticed its beautiful cones standing tall like  candles on an old-fashioned Christmas tree, or many levels of lights on a chandelier.

Just slightly off topic is the background of the photo. You are looking at the sandy bottom of Comox Bay at low tide. Only a small streak of blue crosses it and that is the river coming out into the bay. A few hours later, that whole sandy area will be covered with water when the tide comes in. If not for the river, the tide, and the gooey sand a person might be tempted to walk across to the other side.

Wear a bathing suit, as you might have to swim back.

23 thoughts on “All Spruced Up

      1. John

        As a kid, we had one in the center of the driveway roundabout, that tree is now soooo incredibly tall and huge. They are lovely looking and they smell great too. I am guessing the water at high tide in the bay is just five feet or so.

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  1. Jill Weatherholt

    It’s certainly a beautiful tree, Anneli. Yesterday, I bought a small Alberta Spruce that Derek is going to raise in a pot on the patio and then he’ll transplant it. By the time I drove little “Albert” home, my car smelled wonderful! 🙂

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  2. reocochran

    I treasure your views on the area you live, while also featuring a Colorado favorite spruce! I really enjoyed the part about the river entering the bay. Do you remember my trip to Louisiana, then driving to my friend’s in Mississippi? I featured a fresh water river entering the bay by the sea water (salt water) of the Gulf of Mexico. I really like it when I can relate to a sight or topic someone mentions on their blog. I liked the photo which shows the blue river entering your bay.
    Anneli, I suppose it is like when I finally realized a “calliope” was a “merry-go-round,” as a child. I just had not heard it referenced in this way before.

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